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How To dehumidify The Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine?
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Automatic terminal crimping machine is a highly automated wire harness processing equipment, so it has a large number of electronic driving components, therefore, Dehumidification is a very important lesson in the maintenance of fully automatic terminal crimping machine. once the fully automatic terminal machine is exposed to moisture, it is extremely easy to affect its performance, how to dehumidify the automatic terminal crimping machine effectively and safely?

Here are some methods summarized by terminal crimping machine manufacturers:

1. Dehumidify with air conditioner.Now most air conditioners have this function.Starting the dehumidification function of the air conditioner can effectively solve the problem of humidity in the room during the overcast and rainy period and can also form omni-directional protection to the fully automatic terminal crimping machine.

2. When the fully automatic terminal machine is not in use, it is best to make a protective cover, which can effectively prevent the rear of the appliance from coming into contact with moist air.At the same time, the owner can also increase the frequency of using these appliances, because the machine generates heat when it is running, which can effectively dispel moisture. If the computer cannot be displayed because of humidity, try to turn it on and the monitor can work again in about 10 minutes.

3. If the outside air is too humid, remember to close the door and close the window; if the house is too humid, to ensure that the room is ventilated, you can use air conditioners and fans to dehumidify.

4. If the walls are covered with sweat, it is recommended to buy a dehumidifier to dehumidify. It is best to use an industrial dehumidifier.

automatic terminal crimping machineautomatic terminal crimping machine

5. In long-term humid areas, charcoal can be placed in the room or bamboo charcoal can be laid under the indoor floor, which has a good effect on the balance of room humidity, the prevention and control of dust and air purification.In general, the floor of a factory building had better be covered with cartons.

6. Put some quicklime (mixed with sand) in the damp corner.

7.Put some desiccant in the electric control box of the terminal crimping machine and ensure that the cabinet door is closed when the equipment is not in use.

8.Even if the machine is not used regularly due to production planning, turn it on at regular intervals and let it run for a period of time when there is no material (JMK equipment has test mode), because electronic equipment is best powered on frequently.

In short, the above are the terminal crimping technology and dehumidification methods of the fully automatic terminal crimping machine, which belong to the basic knowledge of the fully automatic terminal machine and must be skillfully mastered by the terminal machine technicians of the wire harness manufacturers, but this is only a small part. More terminal machine principles still need to be carefully studied and skillfully mastered, so that you can do well in the daily maintenance work!

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