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How to standard the operation of terminal crimping machine.
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Terminal crimping machine is a fully automatic wire harness processing equipment, so it is very necessary to standardize the operation in high-speed operation.

Standard the operation of terminal crimping machine.

In the last article, we mentioned some special points for attention on the use of terminal crimping machine. in order to ensure the correct use of terminal crimping machine, please allow JMK engineers on how to standardize the operation of terminal crimping machine and subdivide the following matters:

1. Turn on the power switch of the terminal crimping machine and the power indicator light is on.

2. Pay attention to whether there is any obvious abnormal noise inside and outside the machine. if there is a suspension of operation, please ask the mechanic to determine whether maintenance is needed.

3. knife selection and knife loading: operated by designated personnel, the selected blade must be manually compared before loading, and the knife can be installed only after the comparison is correct. After the knife is installed, the manual test must be used. First, turn off the power of the terminal machine, press the down knob, and use a special board hand to shake the master and follower wheel. Terminal crimping machine stamping stroke to the maximum, if the hand can not move, then consider whether the pressure is too high or other problems, check and adjust it to OK. Check the locking screws accordingly and make sure there is no loosening.

terminal crimping machineterminal crimping machineterminal crimping machine

4. Loading: install the terminal that needs to be hit, use the inner hexagonal plate hand to adjust the feed pressure plate, so that the terminal can pass easily, and visually check whether the feeding position is or not. Otherwise, use the inner hexagonal plate hand to loosen the feeder locking screw, twist the adjusting lever to adjust until the best.then lock the feeder locking screw and start the operation.

5. Test the tension: after adjusting the OK, take the scrap wire to try and test the tension. The main reference value can be seen in the "tension Test comparison Table".
The method is as follows: press the tension test zero key to zero, clamp the terminal wire to be tested, and test if the tension is not in the standard. Within the standard range, ask the mechanic to re-adjust until the standard value is reached.

6. The trial production 10PCS will send IPQC to confirm the first piece and check the OK before mass production. During the production process, the operator must check whether the terminal is covered with glue, neck hanging and other defects, and carry out the terminal tension test every 1 hour.

7. after the completion of production, sort out the good products, waste and defective products, and clean up the environmental hygiene around the machine.

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