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Characteristics and Category of Terminal Crimping Machine
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Terminal crimping machine refers to a kind of machine wire processing and use, also known as automatic strapping and crimping machine, is a new equipment in recent years with a set of multi-function machine, feeding, cutting, multi-function machine stripping, crimping together, humanized, intelligent high-end technology products, suitable for large, medium and small enterprises, save labor.

Product features of terminal crimping machine.

High precision, high speed, and wire stripping, distortion and end pressure detection system. Digital control interface, light, electricity, gas, the use of machines, magnetic integrated work motivation, imported electrical appliances and accessories, easy to operate and save time.

terminal crimping machine

Product classification.

Fully automatic terminal crimping machine; automatic double terminals crimping machine; automatic twisted wire welding terminal crimping machine; fully automatic double pressure twisted wire welding terminal crimping machine; non-standard automatic terminal crimping machine customized according to customer requirements.

Operation steps.

1. Turn on the switch of the power terminal machine, and the power indicator starts to use it.

2. Pay attention to the internal and external machine there is no obvious abnormal sound, if there is a suspension operation must be stopped, please maintenance personnel to determine whether it needs to be repaired.

3. Carefully selected knife: operated by a designated person, the blade must be compared to the blade of the support tool, in the knife comparison is correct, after the knife is completed, must use manual testing, first turn off the power terminal machine, press the button, use a special wrench to shake the slave pulley terminal machine, the stamping stroke is the largest, such as the hand does not move, and then consider whether excessive pressure or other problems, check and debug.
Before locking the screw, check accordingly and make sure there is no need for loosening.

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