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How To Adjust Crimping Mold Of Terminal Machine - JMK
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When the cutter returns after crimping the terminal, if the cutter retreats rapidly while making a "snapping" sound, the clamp force is too strong, please re-adjust the wire clamp strength. If using it for a long time in the state of making sound, it will cause damage to the cutting knife.

Introduction to Adjusting method of Crimping Machine Mold.

1. Strength adjustment of wire clamp.

(1) Please loosen the fixing bolt.
(2) Adjust the strength of the wire clamp by twisting the adjusting bolt.
Twist in the X direction: the strength of the wire clip becomes lighter.
Twist in Y direction: slightly stronger wire clamp.
(3) Please lock the adjusting bolt with the fixing bolt and fix it.

crimping machine mold

Crimping Mold of Terminal Machine

2. Confirmation of blade installation.

(1) Please confirm that each blade is installed in the correct order

Gaskets between No. 1 and No. 26 blades, please exchange each time you want to change the peeling length.
Please put in a gasket with a thickness (peeling length) of-1.0mm.
No. 24 peeling blade, please set it according to the thickness of the processed wire.

3. The length of the blade fixing bolt should be the following:
Blade fixing bolt (right): peeling length + 6mm.
Blade fixing bolt (left): blade fixing bolt (right) + 2mm.

crimping mold

1. When peeling a wire with a larger outer diameter of the skin, please remove the No. 25 wire clip.
2. The combination of cutter and peeling knife will vary according to the type or size of the wire. Please contact the sales engineer for details. (We will provide video to show)

In short, different types of terminal machines are about the same in theory when doing mold debugging, but the specific methods should be operated according to their own specific purchase of wire crimping machines, and usually terminal machine manufacturers will arrange engineers for door-to-door debugging and teach you how to use them. If you want to know more about all aspects of terminal machines before buying, you can contact us directly.
We will not only give instructions on the operation of the fully automatic terminal machine, but also share the experience we have summed up for many years free of charge, so that we can fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of various terminal machines before making the right model choice.

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