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Special Precautions for Terminal Crimping Machine - JMK
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Terminal crimping machine is an efficient and fast wire harness processing equipment, which is driven by servo and cooperated with precision crimping mold. Therefore, in the course of its actual operation, there are still some matters needing attention in order to ensure the correct and long-term stability of the terminal crimping machine.

Attentions in using terminal crimping machine.

1. In the course of operation, if the machine is abnormal, turn off the power supply first, and ask the mechanic to carry out maintenance and debugging in time.

2. It is forbidden for non-designated personnel to debug or disassemble machine parts without authorization.

3. During the operation, the power supply of the machine is not disconnected, and it is forbidden to enter the stamping range of fingers or any part of the body, so as to avoid industrial accidents.

terminal crimping machine

4. During the operation, if you need to leave the job, you must turn off the power supply before you can leave.

5. When changing the terminal, the power supply must be disconnected first, and then the replacement operation must be carried out. It is strictly forbidden to change during the operation of the machine.

6. During the operation, if the terminal is stuck in the knife mold, it must be cleared with scissors or pick-up needle before continuing the operation.

terminal crimping machine

Maintenance & Maintenance of Terminal Crimping Machine.

1. Daily maintenance:

(1) The stamping guide rail of the terminal machine must be added once an hour to lubricate the refueling hole at the top of the terminal machine, and it is advisable not to add too many 2-3 drops each time.

(2) Operators must clean the machine every day to remove dust and debris as well as excess oil from the surface of the machine.

(3) The main speed bearing of the terminal machine must be added with butter every week, and the specific operation methods are as follows:

Open the rear cover of the terminal machine --- remove the driven pulley clip spring --- remove the pulley --- apply butter (evenly applied on the surface of the high-speed bearing) --- to restore (note: in the process of removing the pulley, pay attention to the loss of the bearing ball)

terminal crimping machine

2. Secondary maintenance:

after 3-6 months of use of the terminal crimping machine, it is necessary to check whether the parts (worn parts) need to be replaced, such as belts and springs.

Anyway, there are still many matters needing attention in the use of the terminal crimping machine, especially for the newcomers who are new to the terminal crimping machine, be sure to take a careful look at the operating rules of the terminal crimping machine.

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