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JM-600 Automatic double head terminal insertion machine
Terminal crimping machine >• Cutting stripping
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• Double Insertioon
• Fully automatic wire crimping and terminal inserting machine designed to achieve maximum speed, highest precisio

Fully automatic, multi-functional, using precision servo motor PLC control, Japanese THK guideway, SMC pneumatic original (upgraded version for industrial control PC control, OTP mold, adding multiple servo modules). This machine is equipped with Japanese cable pressure detection system, 2 lines-10 kinds of line color selection, wire selection between 30mm / m 2m for on-line conversion. Function: fixed length cutting of wire, peeling at both ends, pressing at both ends (with crimping cutting belt structure), automatic setting of pressing height, insertion of terminals at both ends (automatic setting of insertion position), supply of glue seat, selection of good or not discharge, 2-10 color wire selection.

Automatic double head terminal insertion machine
JM-600 Automatic double head terminal insertion machine

Features of EsunQ fully automatic terminal machine:
1. The 2 parallel position of the multi-head rubber shell piercing machine can be inserted into 6 groups at one time, 3 parallel positions can be inserted into 3 groups at a time, and the electronic wire 4 to 10 parallel position can be used to vibrate the disk. The terminal is pressed and tinned at one time, and the electronic wire can be cut short and long. Suitable for 1.25 terminal, 2.0 terminal, 2.5 terminal and so on. The cutting length is 20-1000mm. The principle of the wire feeder of this terminal machine is the same as that of the cantilever shelf, except that the wire feeder of the terminal machine has a small cantilever and hangs the same ring.

2. Tangent peeling mode tangent peeling stable and accurate can cut and peel the number of electronic wires and wires, and the color of electronic wires can be matched arbitrarily.

3. Terminal crimping can be equipped with optional pressure monitoring system curve analysis, if there is any abnormality, you can call the police and stop.

4. The defective products can be separated by wearing a plastic shell and equipped with a pressure sensor.

5. The rubber shell machine is suitable for many kinds of rubber shells and only a few accessories need to be replaced.

6. The equipment adopts man-machine interface parameterized control, all kinds of parameters are controlled by digital, and the operation is simple and flexible.



JM-600 Automatic Terminal Inserting Machine Parameters: 全自动端子机 技术参数

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