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JMK is professional manufacturer of automatic wire harness processing equipment, which main used for Automotives and Household Electric Appliances. JMK Intelligence, in nearly 20 years of production and service experience, we continue to contribute our efforts to the wire harness processing automation process.

What We did for Wire Harness Processing.

Unmanned automation and intelligence are rapidly changing the industrial layout of the whole world. at the same time, the ever-changing technological improvement and innovation are also promoting the continuous progress and adjustment of various industries. The same is true for harness processing and terminal wiring, the harness processing equipment produced by JMK has also developed from simple terminal crimping to high-speed and high-precision double-end crimping and then to automatic safety testing, and the market has also leapt from the field of home appliances to automobile production with higher safety standards, higher speed and more precision.

The characteristics of JMK intelligent building

JMK offers a comprehensive range of wire crimping machine to meet all the potential demands. Integrated with Industry 4.0 Project and smart operating system, JMK now are proud enough to offering unprecedented efficient and cost-efficient fully automatic wire crimping machine whether for crimping or fluxing. Despite that, JMK are experienced to offer CCD vision system and terminal pressure monitoring system, Pneumatic card mold, customized solution and module integration in order to satisfy customers from especially vehicles/electrics industry.

Our honors and prospects for future development

After years of continuous research and exploration, JMK has won a number of software copyright, invention and practical patents. Service offices now can be found within China in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Huizhou and Anlu city. And our machines are also exported to the United States, Australia, South America, Mexico, Southeast Asia and so on. JMK Group headquarters set up two major production bases in Shenzhen and Huizhou, and set up independent R & D and after-sales service dept in each sales center. 

In the future, we will strengthen our research and development to cope with the ever-changing and more demanding areas of wire harness processing. With reasonable price, High quality and considerate service as always as our client trusted and supported. Adhere to the concept of customer demand as the first service, and we continue to make contribution to Wire Harness crimping machines with High efficiency and high precision. At last, we warmly welcome all friends to negotiate and contribute our technology and strength to the development of globalization.

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