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Necessary Knowlege of Crimping Machine Safety Operation
 2023-02-22  224
Wire crimping machine refers to a kind of machine used in wire processing, which can press the hardware head to the end of the wire and then turn it on. The terminal produced by the terminal crimping machine is usually for more convenient connection, the two wires can be stably connected without welding, and only need to be unplugged when dismantling.

wire crimping machine

So how can it be safer to use an automatic wire crimping machine?

Fully automatic wire crimping machine is a kind of mechanical equipment often seen in the wire processing industry, each kind of mechanical equipment will have some hidden safety problems when in use, so there are many relevant safety rules. In order to ensure the safe use of the fully automatic terminal machine, the staff need to master some skills and matters needing attention.

In the use of fully automatic terminal machine must follow the correct steps, in the course of work, if there is an abnormal situation, the staff do not panic, the first reaction is to cut off the power supply, and then ask professional maintenance personnel to check and repair. The repairman must be professional, and most people are not allowed to disassemble the fully automatic terminal machine at will, because the internal parts of this mechanical equipment are so fine that they may not be installed after disassembly.

Some parts of the fully automatic terminal machine are very sharp, especially the automatic wire stripping position, which must not be approached until the power is cut off. The power supply should be disconnected after each work is finished and before leaving the job.

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