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Development trend of Connector Technology and Market
 2023-02-22  197

The development potential of the global connector market is still great.

In 2010, connector production reached 46.8 billion, with a market size of US $51.5 billion, with an average annual growth rate of 17 per cent and 15 per cent, respectively.

The size of 2022 has doubled, it can be seen that even in the shadow of the financial crisis and COVID-19 epidemic, the connector market still has a strong potential for development.

At the same time, Asia has become the most potential market for connectors. According to the report of Global Industry, the global market is US $45 billion in 2010, and China has become the market with the fastest growth and the largest capacity of connectors in the world. by 2021, the capacity of China's connector market will reach 26.9 billion yuan of beauty. In the future, the growth rate of China's connector stripping machine market will continue to far exceed the global average.

The development of application field puts forward new requirements for connector technology: high-speed, digitalization and integration of signal transmission; small size, narrow spacing and multi-function of product volume; convenience of plug and pull and module combination; low cost of products.The continuous downturn of the foreign market in the past two years has also made foreign connector manufacturers step up their layout in China, thus accelerating the development of China's connector market.

The application field of connector is expanding continuously.

The medical application is expected to be among the top five. Statistics show that the top five application areas in global connector sales are automobiles, computers and their peripherals, communications, industrial equipment, aerospace and military, while the top five applications with the highest growth are consumer electronics, traffic electronics, medical electronics, communications electronics, computers and peripherals. Therefore, medical electronics will become a new growth point of connector application. Some industry insiders predict that by 2022, the connector market in the medical field will reach 2.63 billion US dollars.

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