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How To Select Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine - JMK
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The attention in selection and purchase of automatic terminal crimping machine.

Compared with the ordinary terminal machine, the automatic terminal machine is more advanced, the most important thing is that it can work automatically, can reduce the operation of personnel, effectively improve the work efficiency, and the fully automatic terminal machine contains more scientific and technological designs, so the performance and work effect are better. At present, there are many enterprises producing fully automatic terminal machines, so when choosing fully automatic terminal machines, we need to pay special attention to the relevant preparatory work and choose fully automatic terminal machine products that really meet the needs of the industry.

automatic terminal crimping machine

It is best to choose the fully automatic terminal crimping machine with brand, because the brand company has its own core production technology, and the production process monitoring is more stringent than the general small workshop, so the quality of the fully automatic terminal machine is more reliable.
Another reason for choosing the brand machine is that the product after-sales service is better, and when there is a problem with the fully automatic terminal machine, you can get professional technical guidance.

When choosing an automatic terminal crimping machine, we should also pay attention to its quality and service life. if you want to make the fully automatic terminal machine play its own automatic and efficient role, quality is the key. Only a fully automatic terminal machine with good quality can bring high-quality work service.
If you don't want to change the automatic terminal machine frequently and increase the cost, you must choose a fully automatic terminal machine with a long service life.

Mute terminal crimping machine.

1. Overview.

The mute terminal machine is improved from the ordinary terminal machine in the past. The mute terminal machine refers to a kind of machine which is mainly used for wire processing, which can press the hardware head to the end of the wire and then turn it on.
The terminal of the mute terminal machine is usually for more convenient connection, the two wires can be stably connected together without welding, and when it is removed, it is convenient and fast.

terminal crimping machine

A. The improved mute terminal machine is carried by a servo, and its operation principle is different from that above. It only gives a message to the server, which is then transmitted to the motor to form an action. The server does not send information to the motor, which is static. Play a low noise and save electricity.

B. In the past, the motor of the ordinary terminal machine (stepper principle) is constantly turning. There is a breaker with clutch inside, each move is a standard prepared "O" out, is the most common.

C. Terminal crimping and excellent quality products.

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