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Advantages of Terminals Used In Terminal Insertion Machine.
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Terminals demand is rapid increasing, and more enterprises starts to use automatic insertion machines with the continuous expansion of the scope of application. The use of fully automatic terminal insertion machine can not only automatically strip the wire, but also improve work efficiency, reduce manual labor, avoid the waste of human resources, and create more wealth for enterprises.

Let's talk about the advantages of terminals used in fully automatic terminal machines:

No matter which connection method the terminals are, they all have the following advantages.

1. The welding needle is copper alloy, and the welding needle has no dirt to guarantee the long-term reliability of welding.

2. The wire clamp shell is mechanically decoupled from the solder needle, that is, because the wire clamp shell is not connected with the solder needle, the torque when tightening the screw will not be transferred to the solder joint.

3. The end of the welding needle is shortened and thinner, so it is easy to install.

4. With heat dissipation channel.

5. Tinned solder needle, easy to weld.

6. Large wiring capacity can be used to all kinds of wiring requirements.

7. The welding needle is quadrangular, and the end is shortened and thinned. When piercing into the welding hole, random transformation can be prevented. Use the solder fluid to dissolve into the weld hole.

Users can not only choose different parameters of the terminal machine according to their needs, such as needle position, needle distance, etc., but also choose different wiring directions. In practical use, the planning of components (such as the orientation of PCB in the shell) often restricts the printed circuit board terminals.

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