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Practical cheap wire harness tinning assembly machine
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Wire harness tinning assembly machine is a very important kind of equipment in cable harness processing, which has comprehensive functions and high efficiency. Now this kind of machine is not only a simple semi-automatic equipment, but also gradually developed into a fully automatic intelligent wire harness tinning assembly machine through development and design. Its working process is included wire feeding, cutting, stripping, terminal crimping, end tinning and connector insertion.

wire harness tinning assembly machine

Why do we need the wire harness tinning assembly machine?

At present, the line connection in the manufacture of electrical appliances or new energy vehicles has already developed from simple manual welding to a professional production process of scale standardized centralized wiring harness, which not only greatly improves the efficiency, but also makes the wire harness connection more reliable. However, there are still some relatively simple circuit boards that need to be welded directly, which requires not only a wire harness with a plug connector, but also an end welding on the circuit board, so that the wire harness tinning assembly machine appears.

the end tinningcable cutting and stripping

The end tinning process

How does the automatic wire harness tinning assembly machine work?

Just briefly introduced its functions, and then take a specific look at how the automatic wire harness tin assembly machine works.
First of all, like the traditional terminal crimping machine, it can complete the functions of feeding, tangent, peeling and terminal crimping.
Then it is the most critical process-it can strand the peeled end of the wire, then click on the tin, so that the tinning is completed, and finally the wire harness pressed over the terminal at the other end is inserted into the plastic shell, which completes the processing of the whole wire harness.

wire harness with end tinning

Wire Harness with The End Tinning

After the electrical manufacturer completes the wire harness processing, the operator can simply weld the tin-stained end to the circuit board, which not only completes the production efficiently, but also ensures the accuracy of the wiring.

What other advantages does the wire harness tinning assembly machine have?

First, the wire harness tinning assembly machine produces a wide range of wire rod, which can process 5 lines at the same time, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

Second, the whole computer touch screen adjustment parameters, with 90 degrees tin uniform, accurate depth.

Third, the wire harness tinning assembly machine is equipped with the operation of adjusting the knife by computer, without gasket, pneumatic parts and so on.

Fourth, the tin furnace part of the tin machine attached to the front end is designed with an automatic tin scraping device, which ensures that there is no oxidation of tin chips on the tin surface and ensures the cleanliness of the table.

5. The clamping position of the wire harness tining assembly machine and the end point of the tin contact can be adjusted to about 10mm, so that the end of the wire contact tin is not easy to bend, and the point contact position is more accurate.

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