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The principles of automotive wire harness processing - JMK
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Automobile wire harness is the network main body of the automobile circuit, without the wire harness, there will be no automobile circuit. With the improvement of people's requirements for automobile safety, comfort, economy and emission, the configuration and functions of electrical appliances on the automobile are becoming more and more, so the wiring harness connecting various electrical devices is becoming more and more complex. it has become a frequent link of automobile failures, so it has received more and more attention in automobile design and manufacturing. How to improve the comprehensive performance of the automobile wire harness has become the focus of attention, and it has become an inevitable trend to increase the early development jointly with the automobile main engine factory.

automobile wire harness processing

Automotive Wire Harness Assembly Processing Equipment

Design flow of automobile wire harness.

(1) The function, electrical load and related special requirements of the electrical system of the vehicle shall be provided by the electrical layout engineer. The state and installation position of the electrical device, and the form of docking between the wire harness and the electrical device.

(2) Draw the electrical schematic diagram and circuit diagram of the whole vehicle according to the electrical functions and requirements.

(3) The energy of each electrical subsystem and circuit is allocated according to the electrical principle circle, including the iron wire of the power supply and the distribution of the grounding point.

(4) According to the distribution of the electrical parts of each subsystem, determine the wiring form of the harness, the electrical devices connected to each harness and the direction on the car, determine the external protection form of the harness and the protection of the through hole, determine the fuse or circuit breaker according to the electrical load, and determine the type of terminal and sheath on the wire harness according to the connector of the electrical device itself.

Production technology of automobile wire harness

1. Wire cutting and stripping.

The accuracy of wire stripping is directly related to the whole production progress, once there are errors, especially the opening size is too short or too long, it will lead to rework of all stations, which will take time and effort to affect the production efficiency. Therefore, when stripping the wire, we must determine the wire opening size and stripping head size reasonably according to the requirements of the drawing combined with the terminal to be hit.

cable feedingwire stripping

Wire Feeding And Wire Stripping

2. Crimping process.

Determine the crimping parameters according to the terminal type required by the drawing, make crimping operation instructions, and indicate and train operators on the process documents if there are special requirements. For example: some wires need to pass through the sheath before crimping, it needs to pre-install the wire and then return from the pre-installed station and then crimping; and puncture crimping is used with a special crimping tool, which has good electrical contact performance. And be sure to test the tension value of the terminal, if the tension does not meet the requirements, you need to re-adjust the crimping applicator.

crimping applicatorcrimping mold

Crimping Applicator Station

3. Pre-installed.

First of all, it is necessary to compile the operation manual of the pre-assembly process, in order to improve the efficiency of the final assembly, the complex wire harness must set up the pre-assembly station, whether the pre-assembly process is reasonable or not directly affects the efficiency of the total assembly and reflects the technical level of a technician.
If the assembly of the preinstalled part is too little or the wire path of the assembly is unreasonable, it will increase the workload of the total assembly personnel and slow down the speed of the assembly line, so the craftsmen should often stay on the site and summarize constantly.

automobile wire harnessautomobile wire harnessautomobile wire harness

Automobile Wire Harness Assembly

4. Final assembly process.

Be able to compile the assembly table designed by the product development department, design the specifications and dimensions of the tooling equipment and material box, and paste the numbers of all assembly jackets and accessories on the material box to improve assembly efficiency. Compile the assembly contents and requirements of each station, balance the whole final assembly station to prevent a little too much workload and pull down the whole assembly line speed. In order to achieve work balance, the technician must be familiar with each operation, measure the working hours on the spot, and adjust the assembly process at any time.

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