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How to choose suitable wire harness in production - JMK
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Wire harness is the key part of power connection on the electrical appliances and automobile, so it is very important to choose the right harness in production. Suitable electronic wire harness not only supplies current for equipment, but also increases the reliability and stability of interconnected equipment, so we must consider closely when choosing electronic harness. As a professional manufacturer of wire harness processing equipment - JMK will talk about how to choose a suitable electronic wire harness to connect with the equipment.

automobile wire harness

Automobile Wire Harness Display

First, Rated current

Rated current is the most important standard when selecting wire harness. It is indicated by the amperes of each circuit and is the standard for measuring the current that can pass through the paired terminals, and the temperature rise does not exceed 85 °F (30 °C) when the ambient temperature is 72 °F (22 °). Then, due to the heat (temperature rise) of the adjacent terminals, the current level decreases or adjusts the number of circuits in a given housing.

Second, coupling standard or circuit density.

With the trend of shrinking equipment standards, wire harness standards are becoming more and more important in the process of selecting wire couplings. Circuit density is a relative measure of the number of circuits that can be contained per square inch of an electronic wire harness. It is relative, and using this method, we can objectively admit the space requirements or standards of one coupling series and another coupling series.

wire harnesscomplete set of harness

Composition of wire harness

Third, Wire standard.

The wire standard is an important standard when selecting the appropriate electronic wire harness, especially when the required current rating is close to the maximum rating of the selected coupling series, and the mechanical strength of the wire is required. In both cases, a heavier wire gauge should be selected.

Forth, Rated operating voltage.

Most applications are within the 250V rating of the standard electronic harness, for example, CH3.96 wire-to-board couplings supply a rated current of 5.0A AC/DC. Rated voltage is 250V AC/DC, suitable for both AC and DC voltages. In general, a higher rated voltage is obtained by completely sealing the positive and negative terminals in the shell separately.
Those hooded housings and fully barrier contacts also provide protection for metal terminals during the assembly and handling of wire couplings.

automatic wire harness processing equipmentautomatic wire harness processing machine

Automatic Wire Harness Processing Equipment

Fifth, the type of connector confession.

Choosing the stress degree that is suitable for the use of forward confession electronic harness, preferably by the collaborative electronic wire harness. The electronic wire harness system with forced confession requires the operator to deactivate the confession device before the half of the coupling can be separated, and the forced confession system will allow the half of the coupling to be separated by a brief moderate force. In the application of high vibration or when the wire or cable is subjected to axial load, whether the design is accidental or accidental, the electronic wire harness should be admitted positively.

Six, Connector and terminal materials and terminal plating.

Materials and electroplating are generally one of the first choices. Most electronic wire harnesses are made of Nylon plastic. The flammability grade of the nylon is generally UL94V-2 of 94V-0. The higher 94V-0 rating indicates that nylon will pause faster than 94V-2 nylon (in case of fire). The 94V-0 grade does not deduce a higher operating temperature rating, but a higher flame retardancy. For most applications, 94V-2 material is sufficient

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