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Where does the technology of wire harness machine come from?
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Wire harness machine is indispensable technical equipment, which used to make and process cable harness, and harness is needed in modern electronic equipment. The fully automatic harness machine can greatly increase the production efficiency, reduce the cost and guarantee the quality of the harness. In the earliest days, wire harness machines were divided into many semi-automatic stand-alone machines, which were produced in several processes, such as wire cutting and peeling machine, crimping machine, tube inserting machine, waterproof sealer, and then manual connector insertion; Now advanced wire harness processing machines can combine all the above functions together to complete the fully automatic harness processing process, such as JM-800 produced by JMK.

automatic wire harness machine

Modular Station Automatic Wire Harness Machine

automobile wire harness

Automobile Wire Harness

Where does the technology of wire harness machine come from?

The special machine for wire harness in the market is mainly divided into two schools - European equipment and Japanese equipment.The European wire harness machine is mainly guided by the functional equipment of steam harness and the goal of integrating the industry chain.It is characterized by atmospheric equipment structure, large maintenance space, high degree of modularization, strong functionality and limited scope of application, but it is more popular in the automobile wire harness industry.Through years of technical precipitation and continuous R & D investment, Shenzhen JMK has fully mastered the technology of European automobile wire harness processing equipment and developed and customized new models with more multi-functional modules according to different needs. It not only improves the design of the traditional European crimping machine, but also adds the ability to do post-stage processing at the same time, such as waterproof bolt workbench and number tube workbench.A perfect complete set of wire harness machining center for inserting couplers

automatic wire crimping machine - JM-555AConnector Insertion Machine

Automatic Wire Crimping and Connector Insertion Machine

The Japanese-style wire harness machine equipment is mainly guided by the electronic wire harness processing equipment, and the functional equipment of the wire harness is continuously expanded through the improvement of technology.It is characterized by compact structure, lightweight, energy saving, high efficiency and wide range of application. Similarly, Shenzhen JMK which has more than 20 years of experience in the production of wire harness machines, is also very familiar with this kind of Japanese-style equipment. Their tight structure and comprehensive functions make them very suitable for the electrical and electronic industries; combined with different technical characteristics, so that they not only have a Japanese-style compact structure and powerful digital display operating system, plus European-style modular design.The perfect integration makes them have more Chinese characteristics.

automatic wire crimping machinewire crimping machine

Automatic Wire Harness Machine With Terminal Crimping and Ends Tinning.

About Shenzhen JMK, the leading manufacturer of wire harness machine.

As a local Chinese company headquartered in Shenzhen, Shenzhen JMK is establishing a global marketing and service network in Shenzhen, Hubei and Huizhou, China; JMK has established comprehensive R & D and manufacturing centers, and set up branches and after-sales service centers in various parts of the country to provide customers with on-site standardized service processes to ensure that after commissioning, maximize the effectiveness and sustainability of their investment.Leading the forefront of market and technology development for continuous development and innovation.

workshop of JMK

Workshop of JMK

By providing fully automatic wire harness machines for international coupling giants TE and Molex, Shenzhen JMK has set up a foreign trade service center to build a global sales and service network, which has been widely served by customers such as Mexico, Brazil, India, Thailand and Malaysia.The professional sales and service team always provides customers with good product and technical pre-sales support and sound after-sales service. The local R & D and production team makes the product launch more meet the needs of customers and conform to the trend of market development.

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