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Advance Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine at Double Ends
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Automatic terminal crimping machine is developing rapidly in the market, and now it has evolved to double-end terminal crimping and connector inserting machine. Because the full servo control of automatic terminal crimping machine effectively reduces the long-span cooperation of various mechanisms in the traditional operation process, the running-in of mechanical transmission is reduced, and the unstable factors are greatly reduced.

automatic terminal crimping machine

Double End Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine With Connector Insertion Function

Why is the automatic terminal crimping machine developing so rapidly?

In modern times, with the economic development, labor-intensive industries are gradually declining, and so is the wire processing industry. the older generation of wire processing relies on adding some aids by hand to press the hardware head to the end of the wire, and then make a connection. A lot of manpower is needed, and the products are in short supply, and the products are often not well connected, and the poor welding quality needs to be replaced. at this time, the problem of replacing labor and ensuring product quality is imminent. at this time, the emergence of terminal crimping machines has changed the future of this industry.

cable harness assembly

Cable Harness Assembly Processing

Advantages of double ends automatic terminal crimping machine:

1. The structural design is simpler: break the traditional automatic operation flow layout, integrate tangent, peeling, spring terminal and seals into the equipment, and use modular design double-end crimping and shell insertion technology to process the double ends of wire harnesses at the same time.

Cable stripping and crimpingconnector inserting

Cable Stripping and Crimping, Connector Insertion

2. Production efficiency: combine the tangent, stripping, twisted wire, crimping terminals and waterproof seal into the automatic terminal crimping machine. If it is done manually, it can only reach 400 per hour, but now it can reach more than 1200 per hour, and the production efficiency has increased more than three times.

3. Low cost: the full servo control of the automatic terminal crimping machine effectively reduces the long-span cooperation of various mechanisms in the traditional operation process, reduces the running-in of mechanical transmission, and greatly reduces the unstable factors. The simplification of the structure greatly reduces the cost of follow-up maintenance and is stable and easy to use. The motion of the servo motor is mainly controlled by the PLC drive signal. The utility model has the advantages of high precision, long service life and high-cost performance. The disadvantage is that the price is higher, but the use of servo and motion modules greatly ensures the accuracy and service life of the product.

factory of JMK

Workshop of JMK Intelligence

JMK Intelligence is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture of wire harness intelligent assembly equipment. The company's products mainly include - automatic combination of wire harness intelligent assembly machine, automatic double-ended rubber connector insertion machine, automatic terminal crimping machine, crimping force testing, color sequence inspection, visual inspection (CCD) and other products, serving the high-end brands of the wire harness industry, creating great value for customers and winning praise in the industry! Welcome to call for more information.

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