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How to reduce the cost of automobile wire harness - JMK
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Automobile wire harness is not only the nervous system, but also key parts to ensure the stable operation of modern automobile, especially new energy vehicles. Usually, the automobile wire harness is close to one thousand meters or even more and equipped with hundreds of connectors. Therefore, the cost of automobile wire harness is not low, and it is the most important to ensure very strict quality requirements at the same time. Is there a good way to absolutely ensure the quality of car wiring harness while reducing their production costs as much as possible? Now, let's ask JMK - a professional manufacturer of automobile wire harness assembly machine, to analyze it based on 20 years of experience.

automobile wire harness

Automobile Wire Harness Assembly

How to reduce the Cost of Automobile Wire Harness.

1. Choose appropriate and advanced automatic harness assembly equipment.

Wire Harness assembly equipment is common in the production line, most of the harness of ordinary electrical appliances are produced by semi-automatic equipment and manual assembly, usually the requirements of these harnesses are not too high, just the wiring harness can be conducted. However, the Automobile wire harness is relatively special, it not only requires good conduction, but also requires anti-interference, waterproof, temperature resistance, wide distribution and other requirement. For manufacturer of automobile wire harness, they cannot accept any problem at wire harness assembly. Therefore, it is necessary to equip the automatic harness assembly machine with CCD and other testing methods. Manual assembly and manual inspection certainly play a role, but considering such a very low production efficiency, automation must be necessary. JM-800 automobile harness assembly machine is equipped with CCD and CFM testing, as well as intelligent insertion force detection system, which plays the function of automatic detection in all aspects of automobile wire harness assembly to ensure the reliability of the whole assembly process. The false detection rate caused by manual assembly is greatly reduced.

Automobile wire harness assembly machine
JM-800 Combo Terminal Crimping Wire Insertion Machine

CCD camera checkcamera checkcrimp force monitor

Automobile Wire Harness Assembly Equipment

2. Improve the design and planning of automobile wire harness distribution.

Refinement and optimization of the automobile wire harness design process, understand the electrical principle of the vehicle, and make a reasonable division of the whole vehicle wiring harness. If the harness design is refined to the line design, fully consider the use of each line, thread diameter, length, and so on. All these problems have been taken into account, and the designed line is difficult to be uneconomical. Do a good job in wire selection, color selection, terminal selection, sheath selection and so on. Reasonable selection ultimately determines the reasonable wire harness. Through the planning of the automobile wiring harness system, the goals of saving data, convenient disassembly and maintenance, beautiful layout and generous layout are finally realized.

automatic wire harness processing machine

3. Pay close attention to the innovation of new technologies and products at all times.

Use new technology with lower cost and better performance to replace old wire harness, and domestic products with low price and similar performance to replace original products. The process of substitution is tedious and needs to be demonstrated in detail, but in the long operation, effective substitution is the best way to reduce the production cost of wire harness. With the rapid development of science and technology, some revolutionary technologies will double to reduce production costs and improve product quality and production efficiency, wire harness is the same, especially the emergence of superconducting technology will bring a new industrial revolution.

Production of a complete set of automobile wiring harness

4. Product versatility and continuity.

To put it simply, it is to take the mature model of the same platform as a reference at the initial stage of design, which can not only reduce the development cycle of the whole vehicle wiring harness, reduce the purchasing cycle and mold opening cost of new parts of new projects, thus reduce the cost and realize the 3D design of automobile wire harness. Now in the design process, we have to control from the source to achieve electronic loading. In this way, the interference between wire harness and sheet metal is avoided in the design stage, and the problem of reasonable direction to branch is solved so as to effectively control the line length, which avoids a lot of late rework and virtually saves costs.

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JMK is on the exhibition.

Of course, there are many other factors that affect the production cost of automobile wiring harness, so we won't explain them in detail here. In the era of industry 4.0, efficiency and cost are the first, in which the design and planning of the industry is the most critical, and then the selection of appropriate industrial equipment. JMK, is a brand of Shenzhen JMK Electromechanical Co.,LTD, specializing in automotive wire harness processing equipment solutions, R & D and manufacturing. Provide customers with pneumatic card mold, automatic crimping machine, connector inserting machine, FAKRA wire harness. Innovative harness processing equipment such as dynamic production line, Ethernet intelligent production line, intelligent all-in-one machine for new energy high-voltage line, non-standard automation, etc.,

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