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How does the crimping machine process wire harness? - JMK
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The crimping machine is to press the terminals and cable together to form a wire harness, and it is an indispensable processing equipment in circuit processing. At present, most terminal machines are controlled by servo and use touch screen operation to complete automatic wire feeding, cutting, stripping and crimping; customized terminal machines can also add waterproof plugs, number tubes, solder, connector plug and other functions, which is a very widely used wire harness processing equipment. Now let's briefly introduce how the crimping machine works.

the crimping machine

Semi-automatic CNC Hydraulic Crimping Machine

thick cable terminal crimping

thick cable terminal crimping

Take a look at the automatic crimping machine first.

The automatic crimping machine is driven by a servo system, so it has good stability and high precision, and can fine-tune 0.01mm. Due to the use of a series of high-conductivity mute wear-resistant materials, the guide rail has little friction when running at high speed and ensures long-term durability. In addition, cylinders and pneumatic accessories are also imported brand accessories. More ever, the design of the terminal machine is in line with ergonomics, so the overall shape is suitable for adjustment and operation, and the performance is stable, and the use effect is satisfactory. Finally, all accessories are manufactured by imported CNC machining centers and other precision equipment.

automatic crimping machine

The power supply of the crimping machine is 220 volts alternating current and compressed gas, so the corresponding power switch and air pressure switch must be turned on before starting. Note: the power cord of the crimping machine must have a reliable grounding wire, otherwise the induced static electricity will stimulate the operator. And the pressure of the crimping machine can be adjusted: if the pressure is too high, the terminals of copper wire and wire will be crushed. If the pressure is too low, the terminal can easily slip off the wire. The adjustment method is to loosen the three screws in front of the slider, gently turn the adjustment screw at the top of the slider clockwise, increase the pressure, and then lock the three screws in front of the slider, otherwise reduce the pressure.

crimping applicator

Terminal applicator of the crimping machine

Adjustment of the knife edge gap of the crimping machine: the knife edge gap is too large to peel off or peel off the thread into a figure-of-eight shape. If it is too small, it will cut the copper wire. The adjustment method is to loosen the lock nut on the cylinder and turn the lock nut clockwise to increase the knife edge gap, otherwise turn the lock nut counterclockwise to reduce the knife edge gap. Please note that the locking nut is at the top and next to the locking nut is the adjusting nut. After adjusting the clearance, don't forget to tighten the locking nut. In order not to damage the special nut here, please use an open wrench instead of an adjustable wrench.

automobile wire harness processing

automobile wire harness processing

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