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what is the CCD camera check detection technology?
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The CCD camera check detection technology is the most potential new technology in the field of precision testing technology. it comprehensively uses electronics, photoelectric detection, image processing and computer technology, and introduces machine vision into industrial inspection to realize the rapid measurement of three-dimensional size or position of objects. It has outstanding advantages such as non-contact, high speed, good flexibility and so on.

The CCD camera check detection technology

The CCD camera check detection technology

In recent years, the visual inspection technology of CCD camera check detection system has developed rapidly at home and abroad, and has been widely used in various industries. The particle size analyzer is a set of equipment which uses visual inspection technology to obtain the particle image of compound fertilizer in real time, and processes the particle information through the industrial computer to get the particle size distribution and shape characteristics. Its CCD camera check detection system consists of two CCD image sensors, two optical lenses, a strip light source, an image acquisition card and an industrial computer.

CCD camera check detection

CCD Camera Check Detection

The non-uniformity of the response of the visual inspection system is caused by the non-uniformity of CCD response, the manufacturing error of optical lens and the instability of light source. Therefore, the CCD vision inspection system must be calibrated. At present, many scholars have done a lot of work in CCD correction. The causes of the non-uniformity of dark current and photoelectric response of CCD are analyzed in the literature, and the correction methods of quantum efficiency and variable wavelength input light are proposed under the condition of ignoring dark current and other factors, which reduces the image noise caused by the non-uniformity of photoelectric response of CCD pixels.

PC control and CCD

EsunQ PC control and CCD

Since its inception, JMK - EsunQ has focused on the research and development of "intelligent manufacturing". Through the deep integration of artificial intelligence, information technology and automation technology, it serves and helps traditional labor-intensive factories to upgrade into intelligent, information-based and unmanned intelligent factories. Industry-fully automatic automobile wire harness processing equipment belongs to the strategic emerging industry that the state is focusing on supporting.

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