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Automatic crimping machine can greatly improve efficiency.
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Automatic crimping machine is stable in wire harness assembly processing, it is not expensive so that the subsequent maintenance cost is greatly reduced also. The efficiency of the automatic crimping machine is high, so the payback period of the equipment investment is short: usually a machine can automatically perform a variety of functions, and it uses a man-machine interface, so all parameters are controlled by touch screen numerical control, which can be easily operated without professional and technical personnel. As a result, several equipment only needs to be maintained by technicians, and ordinary personnel can easily use them.

automatic crimping machine

Thick Cable Automatic Crimping Machine

thick cable terminal crimping

The operation process of automatic crimping machine is very simple.

First of all, it uses all-servo mechanism assembly, combined with touch screen control, so its parameter setting, and manual adjustment can be accurately positioned by changing the value. In addition, its structure adopts modular design, so operators can understand the corresponding parameter values through simple training, and make corresponding adjustments, and finally start the automatic mode to start production.

Secondly, the automatic crimping machine uses pc integrated CPU system control, so all the operating parameters can be displayed on the display screen for the operator to check; and when the machine stops due to accident or failure, the equipment will also reflect the corresponding information to the PC side for inspection.

PC controlCFM monitor

PC touch screen and CPU control

Then, it is mentioned earlier that the automatic crimping machine adopts module cargo design, which is not only convenient in parameters and computer operation, but also easy for operators to adjust or maintain when making mechanical adjustment; sometimes when the on-site environment is not convenient to adjust, technicians can remove individual modules and operate them.

Automatic crimping machine can be customized with various functions.

The automatic crimping machine can not only complete the standard functions such as tangent and crimping terminals, but also add work stations to meet other special requirements in wire harness processing at the same time. For example, if some wire harness needs tin at the other end instead of terminal crimping, a point tin worktable can be added to synchronously complete this function; if the wire harness needs to be processed with heat-shrinkable tube or number tube, at this time, the heat-shrinkable tube or number tube workbench can be added to the automatic crimping machine. Like JMK, a supplier with 20 years’ experience in crimping machine production, we can customize crimping machines with various requirements.

Automatic terminal crimping machine

Automatic terminal crimping machine

The maintenance of automatic crimping machine is not complicated.

Although the automatic crimping machine has a precise structure and a wide range of applications, its maintenance is not very complex, and the cost is not high. Machines like JMK series are equipped with well-known international brands of electrical appliances, so they run stably and have a long service life, as well as implement the wire routing and installation of EU safety standards, so they basically do not need to do major maintenance in the later stage, but only wear out the blades and the corresponding vulnerable parts.

Automatic terminal crimping machine

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