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Great opportunity of termina crimping machine - JMK
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Terminal crimping machine is very popular in wire harness processing for automotive industry and home appliance production, economical, accurate and efficient. With the provision of people's living standards, there is a growing demand for all kinds of electrical appliances, cars, mobile phones and so on, and these goods contain a large number of wire harness with terminals, which gives birth to many wire harness manufacturers. and these wire harness manufacturers in the continuous competition to improve their production efficiency, improve product quality, will give priority to the use of automation equipment, upgrade labor tools.

Because terminal crimping is the most important step of wire harness processing, so there are a lot of business opportunities hidden in the automatic terminal crimping market. JMK will introduce what are the business opportunities of them. 

                                                 terminal crimping machineautomotive wire harness

1. Terminal crimping machine sales.
Direct sales of terminal crimping machines is, of course, one of the largest business opportunities for automatic terminal machines. After all, a piece of equipment is expensive and will naturally make a certain profit. However, most people are not terminal machine manufacturers and want to do this business, so they can only do fully automatic terminal machine agents. 

2.  After sales service like accessories and technical support. 
The terminal crimping machine has more accessories, just like the car, after a long time, it is inevitable that some accessories will be replaced, especially some consumables, such as terminal machine blades and so on. 

stripping machine

3. Maintenance and repair of terminal crimping machine. 
In fact, the maintenance and repair of the fully automatic terminal machine can be regarded as a kind of service, and these require higher professional and technical aspects of the terminal machine. The longer you do it, the better the technology may be, and the more customers will accumulate.

terminal crimping machineseal station of crimping machine

At last, there are still many business opportunities for fully automatic terminal machines, but like other businesses, we need to be based on integrity and rely on time to accumulate and precipitate, instead of always thinking about making quick money and losing the most basic integrity.

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