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How to improve the quality of Wire Stripping machine - JMK
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Wire stripping machine is a kind of terminal machine with a high degree of automation, so whether it can run stably or not has become the focus of attention. In fact, it is the problem of how to ensure the quality of the fully automatic wire stripping machine. JMK will introduce to you how to improve the quality of the fully automatic wire stripping machine.

How to improve the quality of Wire Stripping machine.

wire stripping machinewire stripping machine

First, the use of materials is not careless and quality inspection is carried out in strict accordance with the regulations, which are the basis for ensuring the quality of the terminal machine. for the parts that need to be imported, they should be imported in accordance with the regulations, and the quality of the parts purchased domestically should be carefully controlled. conduct a full inspection as far as possible. 

Second: to establish a high-standard and high-quality customer understanding, it is necessary to take the customer as the center, regard the partner around us as the customer, understand ourselves as the operator of the next process, and transform our position into the consumer of the commodity. Only in this way can we consciously do all the homework well in the homework, and the quality of the company's goods will be ensured only when every job is done well. If a certain person or position cut corners in the operation, the damage will be to the automatic terminal machine company and its own vital interests. 

Third: establish the understanding of the prevention of business quality and prevent problems in the bud. "the quality of goods is produced, produced, and planned, and it is certainly not based on inspection, and we need to do a good job at the top of the list." This must not be just a slogan, which is an excellent expression of the prevention of production and quality. assuming that our quality control does not start from the source, it will be difficult for us to control the quality of the whole production line. Even if a lot of quality inspectors are set up in the production, because the goods are not manipulated from the source, the production cost of the goods will be greatly increased, which will cause a heavy burden and loss to the company's production. And the quality questions of some goods may not be found and remedied from the later process, which requires us to do a good job at the very beginning to prevent any doubt in the quality. 

Fourth: to establish a procedural understanding of the quality of the fully automatic wire stripping machine, quality control is the whole process and the whole company, and the docking between each individual and every part of the company must be orderly and efficient. Request all quality control personnel, production operators to do strictly according to the program, if you do not follow the program to produce mistakes will be greatly added, the quality of the automatic wire stripping machine can not be guaranteed. 

Fifth: establish the responsibility for quality, we think that 80% of the quality questions come from the management, and as long as 20% of the questions come from the production staff, that is to say, the controllable defects of the quality control managers account for about 80%. The controllable defects of production operators are usually less than 20%. 

The following are the criteria for controllable defects of differential production operators and quality control managers: 

a. The production worker knows how and why he does it. 
b. The production worker knows whether the goods he produces are in line with the standard requirements. 
c. The production worker knows what will happen if his goods are not up to standard. 
d. The production staff and workers have the ability to deal with abnormal situations correctly. 

In short, as far as our JMK is concerned, although the requirements for different departments are different, the above principles related to the quality of the wire stripping machine need to be complied with, which is one of the core reasons why our JMK stripping machine is competitive in the market.

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