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JM-555 Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine
Terminal crimping machine >• Cutting stripping
• Single/double end crimping
• Waterproof plug threading
• Wire conduit/heat shrink tube threading

JM-555 Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine

JM-555 adopts an opened multi-stations platform, with a computer-controlled operating system, so it can manage production procedures more convenient than any before. Also it has a high-speed control system, rigid driving mechanism, precision servo motors and pneumatic components. In this Case, the equipment’s performance is stable, reliable and precise. For safety and accurate operation, JM-555 Automatic Wire Crimping Machine furnished with automatic glass chamber, and CCD visual detection for wire harness, as well as crimping pressure online detection system. With these configurations, engineers can check the working status of the equipment online in real time.

Automatic wire crimping machine

What JM-555 Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine Can Do?

JM-555 are able to do fixed-length cable/wire cutting, single/double end half-stripping or full-stripping, single/double end crimping, waterproof plug threading, number dialing, and Wire Conduit/heat shrink tube threading. And all processes can be completed synchronously.

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Automatic wire crimping machine

The biggest advantage of JM-555

JM-555 has a modular design, so it can be customized or add different functions according to the actual needs of customers, without having to equip other machines separately. In order to adapt to the larger market demand, it has been continuously improved at the time of research and development for many years, so it fully has the corresponding independent system, and can be added and deleted according to the requirements. In this way, it can not only achieve comprehensive functions, but also meet customized requirements, then improve production efficiency and save users cost of purchasing machines at the same time.

Automatic wire crimping machine

JM-555 Parameter:
Automatic wire crimping machine

Wire harness case:
Automatic wire crimping machine

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