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JMK Show at the 2023 Munich Electronic Exhibition
 2023-04-13  421
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On April 13, the 2023 Munich Shanghai Electronic production equipment Exhibition officially kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.
JMK, with a variety of wire harness automatic processing equipment, made a major debut at booth 3716 of the N3 Pavilion, focusing on automotive wire harness automatic processing solutions, bringing new development opportunities for the wire harness industry.

Shanghai Expo

JMK Intelligence, specializing in automotive / energy storage harness automation equipment solutions and R & D and manufacturing, deep ploughing wire harness automation field for nearly 20 years, has launched automotive wire harness fully automatic terminal crimping machine, waterproof bolt piercing machine, fully automatic terminal shell insertion machine, tin dipping machine, non-standard customization and other wire harness processing equipment.

The 2023 Munich Shanghai Electronic production equipment Exhibition

JMK (Hall N3 #3716)

In this exhibition, the 144-square exhibition area of JMK Intelligence breaks through the conventional and well-designed special-shaped structure, creating a unique space with a sense of modernity and science and technology, attracting many exhibitors to stop and watch.


Hit the scene directly, witness the strength. 
automatic terminal crimping machine attracts attention with its brand-new design, efficient and stable system, and subversive innovative technology.
Numerous eyes were attracted by the on-site demonstration, which won the favor of customers, which also made JMK Intelligence stand out among many exhibitors on its first day and become the focus of the audience. Guests from all over the world came to consult and visit. Numerous powerful fans in just one day! The staff at the scene have always communicated with consultants with full enthusiasm, patience and meticulous professional attitude to explore industry trends, product advantages and cooperative development.
JM-555 Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine

JM-555 is a new model specially designed for wire harness processing of new energy vehicles. The use of multi-station open platform, computer numerical control operating system, digital, graphical man-machine interface, easy to learn and use, production management is more convenient. Equipped with high-speed control system and rigid drive mechanism, precision servo motor and pneumatic components, the equipment has stable and reliable performance and high precision, which can meet the needs of high-precision machining such as automobile wire harness processing. Dynamic programmable servo driver can easily adjust parameters and modules to ensure stable processing and accuracy. Mature crimping technology and quality management system, terminal crimping height measuring device, crimping force analyzer and CCD image monitoring system are perfectly integrated.
JM-800 Automatic Combo Multi End Insert Housing Machine

JM-800 is a combined wire harness multi-terminal plug-in machine independently developed by for the automotive field, which can complete the pressing of 12 different terminals, 6 kinds of waterproof bolt penetration, support a variety of different plastic shell insertion and the production of 182mm wire number. Highly flexible plastic plug pallets can be embedded in many different types of plastic shells to produce a large number of different types of specific wire harnesses with greater flexibility. It can also flexibly expand a number of additional functions, with the characteristics of high flexibility, flexible configuration of workstations, short product switching time, high machining precision and so on.

JM-600 Double End Insert Housing Machine

JM-600 automatic double end terminal insert housing machine, using PC control system, touch keyboard and mouse double input, easy to operate. Optional pressure monitoring system and CCD image detection system, real-time display of product images and crimping curve, and comparative analysis, poor crimping will issue an alarm and automatically sort out defective products. The quality control of the whole processing process greatly saves the labor cost, ensures the product quality and improves the production efficiency.

JMK日精智能 2023慕尼黑上海电子生产设备
The 2023 Munich Shanghai Electronic production equipment Exhibition

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