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Wire harness machine is the general name of harness processing equipment, include crimping machine, stripping machine, soldering machine and insertion machine. After make terminal machine equipment for a long time, will encounter a variety of strange demand, for example, some bosses just need not to hit the terminal only to insert the rubber wire harness machine. So is there a wire harness machine that only inserts the plastic shell and does not hit the terminal? How can we find such machines and equipment?

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Multi-function Wire Harness Machine

Custom equipment.

There is a big dozen terminals only plug into the rubber insertion machine, we can directly do uncalibrated wire harness machine, this is completely possible, and this is exactly how we operate. And the whole harness production of assembly line automation equipment, we can do non-standard customized research and development. Why is there such a strange need? In fact, as long as you know the real scene, it is easy to understand, for example, there is a small factory, he only undertakes the plug shell and some other processes, the other does not require him to do. It is also possible that the production of wire harness does not require a terminal at all, that is, it only needs to insert a plastic shell.

Turn off the unnecessary action of wire harness machine.

The cost of a non-standard customized wire harness machine is often very high. If you do not need a fully customized terminal processing and want the cost not to be so high, you can consider using a normal fully automatic terminal insertion machine. It's just that you can turn off the action of playing the terminal when setting the parameters. On the surface, this seems to be a waste of resources, but in fact, the cost is lower. Because the cost of mass production is completely different from that of non-standard customization, and if you just turn off a function, it won't increase your cost.

Outsourced process.

In addition to customizing the equipment and turning off the terminal action, you can consider the process outsourcing, as long as the quality is controlled. Now pay attention to cooperation, these operations well, may be more cost-effective than your own full operation. 

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Any way, there is a rubber shell machine that only inserts the rubber shell machine without playing the terminal, which can be used to customize the terminal machine equipment, or you can use the ready-made fully automatic terminal machine to turn off the terminal function directly. In addition, it is also a good choice to outsource the relevant processes, but pay attention to the quality control.

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