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Automotive cable harness machine is a very important equipment in automobile manufacturing, especially in the manufacture of new energy vehicles and bicycle. The automotive cable harness machine is also called the neural wire of the car, which transmits commands or signals between various systems. because the processing requirements of the automobile wire harness are very high, in the early days, the wire harness is completed by manual or semi-automatic crimping equipment. So the operator's experience and responsibility are very critical, but at the same time these factors are uncontrollable, so the full-automatic automobile cable harness processing equipment is born. And the market requires constant updates and changes at any time. JMK here briefly introduce some of the characteristics of automotive harness machine and the requirements that are different from other harness equipment.

automotive cable harness machine

automotive harness equipment

automotive harness

The characteristics of automotive cable harness machine.

1. Because the terminal crimping requirements of automotive cable harness are very high, good automotive wire harness must use higher standards and high precision crimping devices, and be equipped with crimping and relay testing systems, such as Soltec in Japan.

2. Because the automotive wire harness is usually composed of a large number of different cables, its operation and setting must be efficient, simple but fully functional, so the operating system of the automotive cable harness machine should be intelligent. Like JMK automotive wire harness machine uses high-definition PC control, and can provide remote service, which is convenient for users to use and maintain.

3. Similarly, because the automotive cable harness is complex and there are many wires, the automobile harness equipment needs to have the high precision requirement of dealing with multiple wires at the same time. JMK automotive harness machine can handle the processing different of 18 wires on a single machine.

4. The integration function of automotive cable harness machine is completed by a series of actions, such as wire pulling, wire cutting, peeling, crimping, torsion, connector insertion and so on, so it is necessary to make high-precision servo control complete each corresponding action synchronously. Therefore, a good automotive wire harness equipment must control the action of each system through the full servo driven.

5. Because the automotive cable harness has a very high requirement for the conduction of signals or commands, the terminal crimping between wires is very important, and the quality inspection of crimping and inserting is very important during the processing of automotive harness equipment. it is usually difficult to manually test each harness after harness processing, so the detection in harness processing is the most important. JMK's Automotive cable harness machine equipped with advance CCD camera check station to detect the quality of terminal crimping, and eliminate defective crimped wires, ensure the quality of each harness.  At the same time, it is equipped with cylinder pressure detection and alarm system during connector insertion to ensure the quality of each wire harness when inserting the connector, which plays a double role in ensuring that any defective products are avoided.

Main Equipment function.

1. The corresponding parameters can be adjusted by setting the corresponding parameters through the touch screen: whether the two ends are fully peeled, whether the two ends are half-peeled, whether the two ends are under pressure.

2. It can be adjusted by setting the corresponding parameters through the touch screen: wire length, peeling length, cut depth.

3. Can be corrected by setting the corresponding parameters through the touch screen: wire length, peeling length.

4. The wire feeding device adopts step drive control, and there is no deviation in wire length and peeling length.

5. The wire feeding device adopts synchronous stepper motor to feed the line, which is stable and accurate, and the wire has no indentation.

6. The testing devices include wire detection, wire knot detection, poor pressure detection, air pressure detection, etc.

7. The pressing device adopts universal mute terminal machine, which has the advantages of low noise and stable performance, and can carry horizontal and direct transmission.

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