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How To Customize Automatic Double End Insertion Machine
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Double End Insertion Machine is a kind of wire harness machine that has attracted much attention in recently, and JMK also has related patents on this model. And there are many wire harness manufacturers need to customize the automatic double end insertion machine, because the normal standard fully automatic double end insertion machine can not effectively solve the practical problems in the factory, or the fit is not perfect. So what do we need to pay attention to when making a customized fully automatic double end insertion machine? Next, Shenzhen - JMK will make an introduction:

automatic double end insertion machine

Customized Automatic Double End Insertion Machine.

1. Recognize the own needs exactly.
In fact, the purpose of customizing a fully automatic double end insertion machine is to meet the special requirements of wire harness production, and some requirements may not be fully taken into account, and if you need customization, it is best to sort out the problem yourself. in this way, you may find some problems that you didn't notice and put them into the demand together.

wire harness

2. Communicate with the manufacturer carefully. 
Communication is very important, because if you know your own needs, it doesn't mean that the wire harness machine manufacturer has figured it out and completely got the corresponding information. And this communication requires in-depth communication to achieve complete synchronization of information as far as possible, so very often, terminal machine manufacturers will also arrange technicians to visit the workshop site survey to investigate and analyze the needs.

wire harness machine

3. Considering the expansibility. 
With the continuous development of wiring arrangement and wire harness manufacturers, the production demand in a year may be very different from that of today, so this expansion should be taken into account when customizing the fully automatic double end insertion machine. in order to meet the needs of development in a certain period of time in the future.

cable harness

Anyway, customizing the fully automatic double end insertion machine itself will be more troublesome and require more manpower, so the customized price will naturally be higher, but these are all worth it. Customized fully automatic double end insertion machines are usually more in line with the production needs of wire harness manufacturers, and the production efficiency will be higher, and because taking into account the expansibility, it can also meet the needs of future development, in fact, it is cost-effective as a whole.

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