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How To Distinguish Wire harness Processing Machine - JMK
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Wire harness processing machine is very important in the harness industry, especially in automotive manufacturing, home appliances, electric power industries. But not all automatic wire harness processing machines can independently complete all wire harness production, only a very small number of highly automated fully automatic terminal machines can completely automatically produce a wire harness from beginning to end, such as our JMK currently has ready-made products, such as AC line production equipment.So let's introduce the fully automatic terminal machines of several wire harness production lines with different functions.

wire harness processing machineautomotive wire harness

Different Function Wire Harness Processing Machine.

1. Complete the core process of terminal crimping.
The fully automatic terminal crimping machine is a typical terminal machine which can only complete a few processes in the harness production line, while most of the other harness production processes are completed on the original harness production line. In this case, after we add a fully automatic terminal crimping machine, we need to change the current wire harness production line to be integrated.

wire crimping machine
2. Complete most of the wire harness production processes. 
For example, fully automatic double end insertion machine, fully automatic single-end tin terminal machine can complete more wire harness production processes, and even achieve the completion of all wire harness production workflow, such terminal machine equipment is usually expensive, the general price goes to more than 50,000 USD.
double end insertion machine
3. Automatic pipeline level. 
Typical such as AC first production equipment is like this, can directly replace the original wire harness production line, directly use an automation equipment to complete all the actions, raw materials in, finished power lines out, and even quality inspection has been completed. 
automotive wire harness machine
Anyway, the fully automatic terminal machine of the wire harness production line belongs to intelligent wire harness processing equipment, and it is also divided into many kinds, but the common ones are the above three categories, as for which one is better, there is no absolute saying. but to see which one is more in line with the current harness factory production scene and specific development needs!

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