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How to reduce knife wear of wire stripping machine - JMK
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Although it is impossible to avoid knife wear of wire stripping machine, it can reduce its wear, so that the knife can be used for a longer time, so when using it, we must pay attention to the condition of the wire stripping machine knife, do not let the tool wear too seriously, otherwise it will cause the knife to break.

Wire stripping machine is widely used, mainly in mechanical manufacturing, but in the course of its work, due to some incorrect operation, or because of long-term use, the props of the wire stripping machine will be worn or even broken. Therefore, in order to ensure that the props can be used for a longer time, we should avoid its wear when we work. Next, let's talk about the causes of knife wear in wire stripping machines.

wire stripping machinewire stripping machine

The reason of knife wear of wire stripping machine

First. Check the speed of feeding.

The operation of automatic wire stripping machine has a certain speed, and if we exceed this speed in the process of use, it will cause tool fracture or wear, so, in normal work, we need to check the feed speed. Usually there is a special feed speed introduction on the instruction manual of the automatic wire stripping machine, as long as we follow this normal range.

Second. Do not pay attention to inspection.

Even in the process of use, the wire stripping machine runs normally, but because it has been used for a long time, the knife will have some wear, of course, it does not mean that there is a little wear, we need to change the knife, but we should pay attention to overhaul. always observe the condition of the knife, because if the knife wear is too serious, if it is not replaced in time, then the knife will break in the course of use. After the knife breaks, it won't work properly.

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