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Easy Ignoring Problem About Wire Processing Machine - JMK
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Wire processing machine is precision equipment, we need to pay attention to some common problems, otherwise it will cause failure of wire processing machine. Here are some common problems, hoping to attract attention for the operator.

1. What if there is a sudden anomaly in the wire processing machine.

In the process of actual use, we often encounter some unexpected situations, such as the sudden abnormal phenomenon of the terminal machine in the process of use. at this time, we should not check the problem first, but turn off the power supply first. then check the cause of the problem, if you can't repair it yourself, you need to hire a special maintenance technician to maintain it.

2. Wire processing machine cannot be disassembled without permission.

After the failure of the joke, if we are not the designated maintenance or operator, then it is best not to debug or disassemble the terminal machine privately, because we are not professional and are likely to cause damage to the terminal machine.

3. Do not approach the wire processing machine during operation.

In the normal work of the wire processing machine, the operator must not touch the stamping range of the terminal machine without disconnecting the power supply, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents. In addition, as the operator of the terminal machine, not be far away when the wire processing machine is working, if you need to go out, then the power must be cut off.

4. How to replace the terminal.

If the operator needs to replace the terminal, then he needs to cut off the power supply, stop the job, and cannot be replaced in operation.

The above are introduce to the user about the terminal machine in the use of the need to pay attention to, we hope the user can pay attention to, so as not to cause terminal abnormalities and accidents.

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