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Three Matters Before Using Automatic Crimping Machine.
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Automatic crimping machine is a fully automatic wire harness processing equipment that automatically completes wire drawing, peeling and crimping. In order to stabilize the production efficiency of the automatic terminal machine and reduce the later maintenance time and cost problems that may be caused by improper operation, you need to check and confirm when using it. When using the fully automatic terminal machine, don't forget to pay attention to these matters.

automatic crimping machineautomatic crimping machine

Three Matters Before Using Automatic Crimping Machine.

1. Turn on the power before turning on the computer.

This is a bit contrary to normal thinking, all the devices are turned on first and are powered on. But this kind of automatic crimping machine must be turned on before it is turned on. Because the productivity of the terminal machine is carried out with a current of 220V and some compressed gas.

2. Lubricating oil before opening.

Before turning on, the operator must remember to lubricate with lubricating oil, and then check whether the loose screws and equipment are tightened so that you can release excess moisture from the air path.

3. Be sure to ground the wire.

The static electricity of the fully automatic crimping machine is very large, if there is no ground wire, it is likely to lead to electrostatic injury.
Therefore, in the installation, we must make sure that the installation workers have to connect the bottom line, otherwise the dangerous accidents caused by the later use will be more serious.

Before using automatic crimping machine, we must make sure that the above points for attention are carefully completed, and make sure that it is carried out in accordance with the requirements. Only in this way can we ensure the production efficiency, and at the same time, it will not cause personnel harm and production efficiency reduction because of improper operation. It also avoids the maintenance and maintenance of the machinery caused by improper operation.

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