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Some using attentions about mute terminal crimping machine.
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Terminal crimping machine is a very common in wire harness processing in electronic industry, so noise reduction is also important index of related equipment. Therefore, the mute terminal crimping machine has more and more advantages. first of all, it can achieve the mute effect to prove that the work of the machine is stable, the transmission between structures is stable, and it runs more softly relatively; secondly, the mute effect also makes the working environment more Eco friendly and the work efficiency can be improved in the invisible situation.

Of course, the equipment that can achieve mute effect, their configuration and related electrical control precision will also be higher, therefore, we should also pay attention to some matters needing attention in operating them. Now, let's make a brief summary.

terminal crimping machine

Precautions before use the mute terminal crimping machine.

1. To be set on the smooth ground or machine surface without vibration, there should be sufficient heat dissipation space.

2. The basic power supply is 220V AC, and the special power outlet provided with the machine should be used. And the use of qualified and meet the power requirements of the socket board.

3: To use a special safe and qualified socket board, please confirm the appropriate operating temperature (0 ℃ to 40℃). The voltage of the safe temperature.

4: Do not use the machine for a long time, be sure to unplug the power cord, cover the machine with protective equipment, and so on.

5: Do not put the machine in a place with high temperature or direct light.

6: Please do not transform the machinery, transform the control circuit, etc., will cause the slider to fall down twice mis-operation!

7: Do not remove the safety device or change the installation position.

8: The safety precautions of the machine before use can only work. In order to ensure safety, you must connect the socket ground wire you use.

9: This machine is a special machine for assembling terminals on the wire terminal, which is not suitable for other pressure processing.

10: This machine must be set to "manual state" in the mode adjustment state. If the pressure is too high during the mold adjustment and the machine is stuck, the power should be turned off immediately and the back shaft can be adjusted with a wrench to make the machine work.

terminal crimping machine

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