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How to Avoid Adjusting Danger of Terminal Insertion Machine?
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Terminal insertion machine is auto wire harness processing equipment with blades and molds, so it is very important to pay attention to safety when adjusting. Safety first is the primary purpose of every production enterprise. As a manufacturer or user of the terminal plug-in machine, great attention should be paid to how to avoid being damaged by the machine during testing.

JMK takes full account of safety and adequate protection when designing terminal insertion machine, so the machine is safe in manual operation and automatic operation; however, sometimes it is necessary to replace parts like blade, switch products and molds, and inevitably need to go to the equipment to re-debug, so we should pay great attention to the safety of operators.

Terminal Insertion Machine

How to Avoid Adjusting Danger of Terminal Insertion Machine?

The following is a summary made by JMK professional engineering team.

1. For workers who use the terminal insertion machine for the first time, they must operate under the guidance of experienced personnel or follow the operation guides strictly, and never let the, absolutely not to operate alone by anyone who doesn't know about the machine before.

2. The terminal insertion machine is equipped with the knife. before installing the knife, make sure whether the selected blade is matched, also to ensure the machine is powered off. Then must do manual testing, =and use a special board hand to shake the main follower wheel to maximize the stamping stroke of the terminal insertion machine. If the hand cannot be shaken, consider whether the pressure is too high or other problems, check and debug to OK. Check the locking screws and make sure there is no loosening before operation.

3. When change the terminal or mold, keep power supply if off, and then carry out the replacement operation, and it is strictly forbidden to change it during the operation of the machine.

4. It is strictly forbidden to be operated by more than two people at the same time during startup and debugging, which mean more people can install accessories such as blades and moulds in the case of power off, but never allow more than two people to carry out operation adjustment and mechanical adjustment at the same time.

5. Finally, after the completion of production, sort out the good products, waste and defective products, and clean up the environmental hygiene around the machine. Ensure that the next use of the terminal insertion machine will not cause safety accidents due to the residue of leftover materials.

blade of terminal insertion machine

Summary at last

As a kind of machine used in wire processing, terminal insertion machine plays a very important role in the power industry. The terminal machine can press the hardware head to the end of the wire, and then do the conduction of the line. The terminal produced by the terminal machine is usually for the convenience of the connection of the line, and the welding can stably connect the two wires together, and you only need to unplug it when remove it. It not only greatly facilitates our use, but also reduces unnecessary waste. The terminal insertion machine should be used very carefully so as not to cause unnecessary harm.

The above is about the terminal machine. Please do member that "Safety first is always the purpose".

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