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Six Points in Operating Wire Processing Machine - JMK
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Wire processing machine is a kind of equipment loved by the majority of manufacturers in the wire processing industry in recent years. It integrates a variety of functions, which not only saves a lot of manpower and financial resources, but also greatly improves the efficiency of production.

Fakra Wire Harness Automatic Production line
Fakra Wire Harness Automatic Production line

wire processing machine

So what aspects should be paid attention to when using this kind of wire processing machine?

1. The power supply or air pressure is normal.

The voltage and air pressure required by the automatic wire processing machine are commonly used. before starting the machine, the operator must first turn on the power supply or air pressure switch to start the operation.

2. Grounding wire.

Be sure to ground the wire processing machine to facilitate the release of static electricity, because the static electricity generated during the operation of the equipment may hurt the operator.

3. The machine should be lubricated.

Before running the machine, the operator should lubricate, check whether all the screws are loose, and drain the water from the air path.

4. Pressure adjustment.

The operator should adjust the pressure of wire processing machine properly. Too large or too small is not conducive to the work and service life of the wire processing machine.

5. Speed adjustment.

If the position of the wire of the terminal machine is moved, so that the position of each wire is different, it means that the transmission speed of the machine is too fast and needs to be slowed down. At this time, the operator is required to tighten the nut on the speed valve on the cylinder, and then turn the rod of the speed valve clockwise, so that the speed can be reduced.

6. Cylinder.

If the position of the wire of the wire processing machine is moved, resulting in the position of each wire flickering from left to right, it is necessary for the operator to first reverse connect the trachea of the tracked cylinder, then turn on the air source, and place the groove of the stuck wire in the middle of the cutter, remove the distance between the ratchet and the pawl, then tighten the screw and adjust the direction of the trachea.

In addition to the above precautions, the operator also needs to ensure that the automatic function of the equipment is turned off before carrying out maintenance, so as to prevent the operator from being hurt after the equipment starts up suddenly in the case of misstep. This is the most important point. We must have sufficient safety awareness.

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