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More About regular Maintenance of Terminal Insertion Machine
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Terminal insertion machine is a kind of precision processing equipment, so regular maintenance is a necessary condition to ensure its long-term and stable work. The maintenance of the automatic terminal insertion machine needs to be divided into two parts, one is daily maintenance, and there is a regular period maintenance.

The importance of regular maintenance about terminal insertion machine

For this kind of mechanical equipment, it is not possible to rely solely on usual maintenance. In order to achieve the ultimate maintenance goal, it is necessary to do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance on a regular basis. In order to ensure the lubrication effect, attention must be paid to the oil amount of the fully automatic terminal machine. When the lubricant is dry and solid, new lubricating oil should be added in time to reduce friction damage. When adding lubricating oil, it should not be too much, it is best to add it to the top of the terminal machine, and then wait for it to infiltrate slowly, so that the lubrication effect is better.

terminal insertion machine

There is a lot of dust in the use of the terminal insertion machine, so the cleaning work should be done every day to prevent the accumulation of dust on the surface and affect the working effect. When carrying out regular maintenance work, it must be comprehensive and meticulous, and it is best for professional maintenance personnel to find out the possible hidden safety problems of the fully automatic terminal machine and eliminate the problems in time, which can effectively improve the performance of the automatic terminal machine and prolong its use time.

terminal insertion machine

The guide rail of the terminal press must have a lubricating oil hole at the top of each terminal for 1 hour. 2-3 drops of gas is appropriate, not too much. Operators must clean the machine every day, dust remover surface debris and excess grease the main high-speed bearing terminal must add butter every week, the specific method of operation is as follows: open the back cover of the terminal machine, remove the circlip and remove the driven belt pulley. Butter (evenly applied on the surface of high-speed bearings), recovery (note: in this process, the removal of the pulley should pay attention to the loss of bearing balls) two-stage maintenance after 3-6 months. Need to check whether all parts (losses) need to replace accessories such as belts, springs instead of less elastic ones. Whether the mechanical locking screw is loose or not, check whether the spring is deformed

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