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How To Distinguish The Quality of Automatic Crimping Machine
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Automatic crimping machine have many different models, and there are also many manufacturers, so how to distinguish the quality of automatic crimping machines? JMK, who has more than 20 years of experience in R & D and production of automatic crimping machine, suggest to checking them directly from two aspects: the machine itself and the manufacturer.

1. Checking the quality of automatic crimping machine

A. Everything remains the same. First of all, look at the configuration. A machine with poor configuration is no better. Most of the time, the performance of machine is bad just because of single screw or block, so it must not be saved in this respect. The fully automatic terminal machine must be equipped with high configuration.

B. Wire stripping and wire cutting effect, it is necessary to carefully observe whether the wire stripped by the automatic terminal machine is not clean, the stripping mouth is not aligned, whether the copper wire is hurt, whether the outer skin is scratched, the wire has obvious twisted and the length is different, and so on. Of course, there is an error between the length of stripping and cutting, which is 0.2mm + (set length × 0.002 mm).

C. The effect of crimping terminal, the quality of a fully automatic terminal machine mainly depends on its crimping terminal effect, if its crimping terminal is crooked, or does not overwhelm the copper wire, or the crimping interface is loose, it will directly affect the quality of your products. It's going to be a fatal wound.

D. The speed of the fully automatic crimping machine, if the above two points are almost the same, the working speed of the fully automatic terminal machine will be another important index. The enterprise chooses the fully automatic terminal machine mainly to take a fancy to its automation, if its speed is higher, it represents the higher benefit it brings to you, of course, the premise is that the wire harness processed by the automatic terminal machine is all qualified products.

E. Machines have not been around for a long time, and machines that have just been out for a year or two may have many problems and instability. Do not pay for their instability.

automatic crimping machineterminal inerstion machine

2. Check the manufacturer

A. To see whether the supplier has a well-known brand, generally speaking, brand-conscious suppliers also attach great importance to the quality and service of their own products, so as to make the enterprise stable and strong, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing such a supplier. For example, about us, now we have the JMK brand serving the electric power industry and the JMK brand serving the automobile industry.

B. Looking at how many years about an enterprise has existed in this industry, especially in the field of equipment manufacturing, we believe that few factories can improve the technology in the equipment industry for a year or two, and most of them need more than three years of experience. JMK has more than 20 years in automatic crimping machine and terminal insertion machine.

C. To see whether the enterprise has professional after-sales service personnel and sales engineers, generally speaking, whether the supplier's sales have a professional knowledge level can be judged through simple technical dialogue. and through the explanation of the after-sales department and the demonstration of machine operation, we can also understand the level of suppliers in this industry.

Now there are many enterprises that produce fully automatic crimping machines and terminal insertion, and they are more or less the same in appearance. And now many enterprises will use fully automatic terminal machines, so it is particularly important to know how to select terminal machines according to the above two points.

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