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Wire harness provides the overall service equipment for a certain load source group, such as trunk lines, switching devices, control systems, and so on. Its basic components are wires, terminals and connectors. Its production process is to cut and peel the wires, crimp them together with the terminals, and then insert the terminals into the connectors. The following editor would like to introduce the composition of the new energy wire harness and the selection of materials. Welcome to read.

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Composition of new energy wire harness.
1. In order to facilitate installation and maintenance and ensure that the electrical equipment can work under harsh conditions, the wires of different specifications and colors used by the electrical equipment of the whole vehicle are synthesized through reasonable arrangement, and the wires are bundled into bundles of insulating materials, complete and reliable.

2. Normal selection of wire cross-sectional area and color code. Correctly select the cross-sectional area of the wire. The electrical equipment of the car selects the cross-sectional area of the wires used according to the size of the load current. Electrical equipment that works for a long time can choose 60% of the actual carrying capacity of the wire; electrical equipment that works for a short time can choose 60% of the actual carrying capacity of the wire. 100%.

3. Select the color code of the wire. For easy identification and maintenance, the wires in the harness are of different colors. In order to easily mark the circuit diagram, the color of the wire is represented by letters, and the color represented is attached to each circuit diagram.

Material selection of new energy wire harness.
The quality of the harness material directly affects the quality of the harness, the selection of the harness material, and the quality and service life of the harness. In the choice of wire harness products, the cheap wire harness products may be inferior wire harness materials. How to distinguish the quality of the harness? We need to understand the material of the wire harness. The wire harness is generally composed of wires, insulation jackets, terminals and bandaging materials. As long as we understand these materials, we can easily tell whether the wire harness is good or bad.

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1. Select the material of the terminal.
The copper of terminal material (copper) is mainly brass and bronze (the hardness of brass is slightly lower than bronze), of which brass accounts for a large proportion. In addition, different coatings can be selected according to different needs.

2. The choice of insulation sheath.
Sheath materials (plastic parts) the main materials commonly used are PA6.PA66.ABS.PBT.PP and so on. Flame retardant or reinforced materials can be added to plastics according to the actual situation to achieve the purpose of strengthening or flame retardant, such as glass fiber reinforcement.

3. The selection of harness wires.
According to the different use environment, select the corresponding wire material.

4. The choice of bandaging materials.
Wire harness plays the role of wear resistance, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, anti-interference, noise reduction and beautification of appearance. Generally, dressing materials are selected according to the working environment and space. The choice of bandaging materials usually includes adhesive tape, bellows, polyvinyl chloride pipe, etc.

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