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Talking about problems of automatic wire processing machine
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Automatic wire processing machine has greatly promoted the development trend, the application of automatic wire processing machine is not only more efficient, but also has better quality. In addition, the application of fully automatic wire processing machine also has many unexpected advantages, such as the new wiring method of fully automatic wire processing machine, which solves the shortcomings of the old wiring.

Because the automatic wire processing machine reasonably reduces the long-span cooperation of various organizations in the process of traditional operation, the running-in period of gear transmission is reduced and the unstable factors are greatly reduced. The simplification of the structure greatly reduces the cost of maintenance after the event. Break the traditional meaning of automatic operation flow layout, and combine wire cutting, peeling, ending and twisted line aspect ratio on a parallel line.

automatic wire processing machine

Fully Automatic Wire Processing Machine

1. Poor fixation at automatic wire processing machine.

In fact, conductors and insulators not only play the role of insulation, but also show a very accurate maintenance effect for touching components, but also have the function of installing accurate positioning and locking and fixing on machines and equipment. poor fixation, light harm to touch reliable caused by the instant power off, the more serious may be the disintegration of goods, due to the unreliable design, incorrect material selection. The poor selection of forming process is the result of poor fixation.

2. Poor insulation

Because there are some unnecessary metal materials on the surface and inside of the conductors and insulators of the automatic wire processing machines of the terminal machine manufacturers, the environmental pollution such as floating dust and flux on the surface returns to moisture, organic materials dissolve chemicals and harmful substances absorb the film and shrink water on the surface to produce positive ionic conductivity, moisture, mildew, embrittlement of insulating materials and other factors. They all cause insulation safety risks such as short circuit fault, low grounding resistance, electricity running and penetration, etc.

automatic wire processing machine

The key function of conductors and insulators is to maintain proper order of contact parts, and to make contact parts and contact parts understand each other. Transport service and maintenance, so insulators must have high-quality electrical equipment characteristics, especially with high density, miniaturized terminal strips are widely used. The reasonable wall thickness of conductors and insulators is getting thinner and thinner, which clearly puts forward more stringent regulations on the precision and processing technology of grinding tools.

3. The cutting length of the electron wire is inconsistent.

A. It may be that the feeding wheel is pressed too tight or too loose; adjust the straightener to have the straightening effect and send it out satisfactorily as the standard.
B. Broken wound or wound blade; remove and replace a new cutter.

4. The length of peeling and opening is different.

A. The feeding wheel is pressed too tight or loose; the whole part of the rolling wheel is used to adjust the gap between the two wheels so that the cable does not squeeze flat and run too loose.
B. Choose a shallow or too deep stripping knife; use the cutter thickness adjustment part to adjust the wound to the appropriate part, with no damage to the copper wire and can successfully fall off the glue cover as the standard.
C. The stripping knife is damaged or the wound blade is damaged; remove and replace the new cutter head.

wire processing machinecable processing machine

What is explained above is the common problems of the automatic wire processing machine. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about the automatic wire processing machine, you are welcome to consult the customer service online or call our service hotline. We will try our best to provide you with quality service.

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