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New Operate Instruction of Wire Harness Assembly Machine
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Wire harness Assembly machine are advanced and technologically mature, which can be used for a long time and should be stable, but assuming that the maintenance is not good, the equipment will be "shut down" one day, not to mention the maintenance cost, but also delayed the production and manufacturing. So what do we need to pay attention to when the wire harness assembly machine is running? Let's take a look at this together.

wire harness assembly machine

During the operation of the wire harness assembly machine, assuming that some abnormal noise may be some kind of abnormal response, turn off the switching power supply of the wire harness assembly machine immediately and let the repairman check the adjustment immediately. The demonstration site automation technology here once again focuses on the wire harness assembly machine users must have technical professional specific maintenance and adjustment, can not be repaired and demobilized by laymen, otherwise they are likely to be encouraged. The application of wire harness assembly machine will suffer great harm.

wire harness

In order to ensure the safety of the actual operation staff, be sure to grasp the appropriate operation steps and pay attention to the operation process. Compared with the general wire harness assembly machine, the wire harness assembly machine with automatic function is likely to be more sound. Although the actual operation of automation technology can be carried out, it is still necessary to grasp some basic operation steps.

wire harness assembly machine
The wire harness assembly machine is adjusted according to the touch control of the touch display screen, including thread length, mouth length, semi-stripping length, twist length, twist length, tin dipping length and so on. The die of the wire harness assembly machine is stable and has no dry point, and its service life is more than five years. The service life of the blade is 800-1.5 million frequency. Communication of wire harness assembly machine AC servo motor controls the feed of high-quality roller. There is no deviation in peeling length. The wire harness assembly machine is more accurate, more convenient and faster. The wire harness assembly machine adopts precision machining and straightening machine, which can adjust the tightness and looseness of the straightening wheel to make the wire row smooth.

wire harness assembly machine

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