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Good Structure Of Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine
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Automatic terminal crimping machine selects the integrated design scheme to complete the copper wire is not easy to disperse after stripping the cable wire.There is no deviation in wire stripping, tight twisting, high precision, smooth and strong.And there is a symmetrical antiperspirant coating tissue, with automatic tin addition, to maintain a highly consistent tin page, there is a tin surface air oxidation film. Also the automatic terminal crimping machine chooses 90 °tin-dipping angle to make the tin diameters of the cable more stable and accurate. Choose colorful LCD screen touch screen operation panel, all kinds of main parameters are visual and easy to understand, you can get started quickly without all work experience.

automatic terminal crimping machine

Advance PC Control of Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine

The automatic terminal crimping machine adopts DSP speed calculation and integrated ic control, full AC servo motor driver, high precision and fast speed.Can store 100 sets of production and processing process flow, disassembly and replacement process and raw materials quickly.Linear hose feed, no matter large and small line feed will not be blocked, more stable, finished vehicle wire harness is placed more neatly.The knife head equipment selects the running type precise positioning installation, the installation operation, familiar and easy to understand, more quickly, saves the manual service.All the embedded power supply circuits have common fault indicators, so it is easier to find common faults at a glance, and fault detection is more simple.

PC control of terminal crimping machine

Perfect Structure for Wire Harness Assembly

The automatic terminal crimping machine can accurately adjust the front and rear left and right parts of the automatic terminal machine according to the terminal specifications, and it is convenient to disconnect and replace the terminal.The cutter module is equipped with high-precision linear slide rail and ball screw to complete high-precision disconnection and peeling production and processing according to the brand-new Mitsubishi motor shaft in Japan.The automatic terminal crimping machine can produce and process 3000 units faster per hour (the production capacity varies with the type of cable, length, peeling length and connection time of terminals).

Easy Operation With Touch Screen.

The control organization of the automatic terminal machine uses the industrial touch screen parameterized control, which can produce the data analysis report of the terminal pulling force curve; with the ultra-high definition visual recognition system, the real-time image display information of the goods can be completed.The socket aspect ratio can be set by a large number on the computer, and the dimension tolerance of the socket aspect ratio can be controlled within 0.03mm.The assembly line does not need to manually extend the roller, the point touch display screen can be opened, and when the string and thick lines are converted, there is no need for mechanical equipment to adjust the clamping gap, so it is convenient to remove and replace different lines.

wire harness with waterproof seal

Reasonable Motions for Each part at Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine.

The stripping tissue of the wire tail of the automatic terminal machine is composed of a wire clamp and a wire stripping motor, which cooperates with the cutter, carries out the peeling position of the wire tail, and controls the socket part of the terminal.The translation transformation organization is composed of a translation transformation iron clip and a translation transformation motor, and the whole vehicle wire harness is translated to change posture.The thread holding tissue is composed of a wire holder and an arm cylinder, and after the wire harness is processed, it is taken out.When the feeding wheel rotates, the cable moves backwards and cooperates with the knife table to carry out the position of the skin of the wire head.

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