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New Crimping Force Detection of Cable Processing Machine
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Cable processing machine is a very common harness processing machine in the market, the applicability is high but the price is not high, so it is very popular. In the process of using the cable processing machine, there may be many difficulties, or it may be because the operator is not familiar with it, so the operator is always anxious and at a loss when he encounter problems, so he needs to know the matters needing attention.The following editor introduces the working principle and maintenance rules of the pressure testing device of the cable processing machine. Welcome to read.

cable processing machinecrimping force detector

Fully Automatic Crimping & Insertion Cable Processing Machine

Working principle of the crimping force detection device of cable processing machine.

Basic knowledge of the application of cable processing machine crimping pressure management device.This issue introduces in detail the principle of cable processing pressure management device, cable processing machine crimping management method and device, multi-channel working pressure monitoring and dual-channel memory working crimping force monitoring.Dual-channel memory working pressure monitoring device is generally used for multi-terminal terminal crimping machine, one server can connect two working pressure monitoring.The cable processing machine is equipped with a pressure management device, which can be used to detect poor crimping of the terminal.

cable processing machine

Kinds of Wire Harness Processing

Mastering this professional knowledge can provide a reliable basis for improving the distinction of the unqualified rate of goods.According to the pressure management device, we can check the cable pressure connection problems and prevent fake and shoddy products with poor pressure connection from flowing to customers, resulting in serious product quality errors, thus improving productivity.

The principle of the cable processing machine pressure management device is to collect a certain number of high-quality waveforms and convert them into standard waveforms according to the high-quality waveforms.Then the waveforms collected in the production process (measured waveforms) are compared with the standard waveforms.If the difference exceeds the preset domain value, the alarm system is output.The actual comparison method is to obtain the eigenvalues of the matrix in a specific region (such as the high value and the total area of the specific region), and compare the eigenvalues of the standard wavemeter matrix with the eigenvalues of the measured waveform matrix.According to the alarm waveform, manually determine the product quality, select high-quality or inferior products, eliminate the alarm and then produce.

Rules for maintenance of cable processing machine.

1. Daily maintenance of cable processing machine.

That is regular cleaning, cushioning machinery and equipment, etc.

2. Itinerant terminal machine inspection.

The reason for the examination is simple.Although the mechanical equipment can run continuously for 24 hours, to a certain extent, the machinery will wear out, and the long-term work will inevitably cause greater losses, which is also the necessity of inspection.

cable processing machinecable processing machine

Digital Control and Bowl Feeder

3. Regular maintenance of cable processing machine.

The regular maintenance cycle is long, such as adding lubricating oil, replacing buffers, replacing worn widgets, etc.Regular maintenance helps to prolong the service life of the equipment and ensure the quality of the products.

In the process of cable processing machine maintenance, due to the higher and higher equipment, the technical requirements of maintenance personnel are getting higher and higher, equipment condition, technical complexity, technical requirements in the process of mechanical equipment maintenance and so on.Cable processing machine is the material means of enterprise production and one of the three elements of productivity.The maintenance of machinery and equipment directly affects the quantity, quality, cost and other important economic and technical indicators of products, and plays a decisive role in production.

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