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How To Operate Connector Insert Housing Machine - JMK
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Connector insert housing machine is a kind of wire harness processing machine which is very critical in low voltage wire industry, powerful and high efficiency. At this stage, the electronics industry has become the second largest manufacturing industry for electronic equipment after auto parts, accounting for about 30% of the world's overall demand for electronic equipment. From the point of view of the current development of the electronics industry, the key application of electronic equipment in electrical equipment, electrical products, transport tools and other industries.

connector insert housing machine

Smart Combination Terminal Crimping And Connector Insertion Machine

Matters needing attention in the use of connector insert housing machine.

First. Turn on the main switch of the power supply, the display light will be on, if not, there will be common problems, which must be carefully maintained at this time.

Second. After turning on the power supply, don't rush to start work. First of all, we should pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise inside the automatic terminal.
If there is abnormal vibration and noise, it should be terminated immediately and then maintenance should be carried out.

Third. Connector insert housing machine knife selection, knife loading is also very important, by specific staff to install the knife, must manually check whether the selected tool head is supporting facilities, more accurate side, after loading, must use manual inspection, first turn off the switch power supply of the plastic shell machine, press the touch button, use a special board to shake the main relationship automatic wheel, so that the stamping die stroke organization is larger, such as manual immobility. Consider work pressure or other problems, check and adjust to be OK. Check the fastening screws before work to make sure there is no loosening.

Forth. When disassembling and replacing the terminal of the automatic terminal machine, the switching power supply must be cut off first, and then the disassembly and replacement work must be carried out. Disassembly and replacement are prohibited when the machine is running.

connect insert housing machine

Maintenance of connector insert housing machine.

1. The terminal mold, rubber shell fixture and other equipment on the equipment must be accurate and firm. The gap between the mold and the machine fixture is reasonable, keep the mold movement track smooth, and butter it regularly.

2. It is forbidden to overload the equipment. In order to catch up with the production schedule, set the running speed, generally do not exceed the recommended value. Automatic terminal piercing machine.

3. The terminal die has no empty machine to run. When there is a shortage of cable materials, the equipment will shut down actively. When the wire is not installed in place, the pressure function is not easy to turn on.

4. Mechanical equipment running smooth points, module screws and other conflicting parts should be refueled regularly, not less than 2 times a month.

5. Always check whether all parts of the equipment are working properly and whether all links and fasteners are loose. If it is loose, tighten it in time. If the machinery and tools are worn, the worn parts need to be removed and replaced in time.

6. when you encounter equipment problems that can not be dealt with in the daily use of the equipment, you can not start the operation forcefully, and the equipment supplier should be notified to help deal with it.

connector insert housing machineconnector insert housing machine

Thanks for reading, the above is the introduction of the matters needing attention and maintenance of the connector insert housing machine, part of the content comes from the network, for reference only. If you want to know more about the connector insert housing machine, please feel free to call and serve you wholeheartedly.

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