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How To Operate Semi Auto Terminal Crimping Machine Correctly
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Semi auto terminal crimping machine is a common wire harness processing equipment, the applicability is very strong, the price is not high, so it is very popular in the market. However, the buyer does not know much about the semi auto terminal crimping machine, so many people extend the operation method of the fully automatic terminal crimping machine to the semi-automatic terminal fuselage, but there is a great difference between these two kinds of machines. the working mode is different, so the operation method is also different. 

semi auto terminal crimping machineautomatic terminal crimping machine

Semi Auto and Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine

The operation method of semi auto terminal crimping machine.

1. Turn on the power switch of the semi auto terminal crimping machine and the power indicator light is on. Otherwise, first check the connection of the external power supply, do not open the machine shell for circuit inspection; if there is no problem with the power supply, please ask professional electrician to check the internal circuit of the machine, do not let non-professional operators to try.

2. Pay attention to whether there is any obvious abnormal noise inside and outside the semi auto terminal crimping machine. if there is a suspension of operation, please ask the mechanic to determine whether maintenance is needed.

terminal crimping machine

3. Knife selection and knife installation: operated by designated personnel, manual comparison must be carried out before knife installation, and after the knife installation is completed, manual testing must be used, first turn off the power supply of the semi auto terminal crimping machine, press the down-die button, and use a special board hand to shake the main follower wheel to maximize the stamping stroke of the semi auto terminal crimping machine. If the hand does not move, consider whether the pressure is too high or other problems, check and debug to qualified. Check the locking screws before operation and make sure there is no loosening. 

stripping bladeterminal crimping mould

4. Loading: install the terminal that needs to be hit, use the inner hexagonal plate hand to adjust the feed pressure plate, so that the terminal can pass easily, and visually see whether the feeding position is suitable, if not, adjust it, use the inner hexagonal plate hand to loosen the feeder locking screw, twist the adjusting ethereal rod to adjust to the best condition, then lock the feeder locking screw and start the operation. 

wire harness

5. Test tension: after adjusting the OK, take the waste wire to try and test the tension. The main reference value can be seen in the "tension Test comparison Table". The specific operation method is as follows. Press the tension test return key to zero, clamp the wire rod that needs to be tested, and test it. If the measured tension is not within the standard range, please re-adjust the machine repair personnel until the standard value is reached.

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