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Detailed introduction of automatic crimping machine - JMK
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Automatic crimping machine adopts servo control with digital operation: blade size, cutting line length, stripping length, flux depth and tin immersion depth.Fast realization of parallel piercing, stripping and semi-stripping of two-wire terminals, with high speed and stable performance.The automatic crimping machine changes the present situation that the crimping height can only be mechanically adjusted by the traditional terminal machine. by using computer digital setting, the crimping height tolerance can be controlled within 0.03 mm.

automatic crimping machine

JM-555 High Speed Double End Automatic Crimping Machine

The tool holder of the automatic crimping machine adopts high-precision spiral guideway device, the cutting and stripping tool is clamped and installed, and is equipped with blowing and suction glue collection device, and the wire feeding mechanism is a four-wheel drive closed-loop stepping servo.The front swing arm adopts closed-loop stepping servo and high-precision planetary reducer.All built-in circuits are equipped with abnormal signal monitoring indicators, which can query the faults at a glance and easily eliminate them.The whole stripping length is directly set by the English menu panel of the touch film switch.

terminal crimping machinewire stripping machine

Wire Harness Processing Machine With cable stripping and terminal crimping

Automatic crimping machine adopts programmable controller and touch screen, digitally sets peeling length, digitally sets cutting depth, and digitally sets terminal before and after crimping. Setting, the digital setting of the left and right position of the terminal crimping; the double-end crimping is completed at once.

It adopts rotary fine-tuning button, particle design, anti-skid and wear resistance, fine-tuning stroke and drop.The storage box design of the fully automatic terminal crimping machine is more in line with the needs of life and work, which is convenient for you to use in your work.The blade equipment is installed in embedded positioning mode, which is easy to install, easy to understand, fast and labor-saving.Automatic crimping machineis accurate, tangent and stripping length are accurate.Do not damage the wire, do not expose the wire, firmly fixed to prevent the terminal from falling off.

wire harness processing

Full servo control and CCD camera check

The automatic crimping machine can set the corresponding parameters through the touch screen to correct: wire length and peeling length.The wire feeding device of the automatic terminal machine adopts step drive control, and there is no deviation between wire length and peeling length.

The automatic crimping machine uses the servo motor instead of the traditional variable frequency motor, and the crimping stroke of the terminal machine is controlled by setting the pulse number of the program, so that the crimping degree can be set directly in the program. There is no need to adjust the stroke through screws like the traditional terminal machine, which improves the work efficiency when changing the mold.

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