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Why is the processing of automotive wire harness so strict?
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Automotive wire harness is equivalent to the whole nervous system of the automobile, so the requirements of automotive wire harness are strict and different. It is mainly in its electrical performance, temperature resistance and material dispersion, for example, the wire of the engine wire harness must be resistant to high temperature, oil, vibration and friction; the wire on the automatic transmission is resistant to high temperature, hydraulic oil and good stability; the wire harness on the lid of the suitcase must choose a low temperature environment to maintain its inherent elasticity, so cold elastic wires should be selected to ensure its normal work. ABS harness needs high temperature conditions, generally choose high temperature environment, hard insulation and wear resistance, but choose more than 133# stranded wires.

automotive wire harnessautomotive wire harnessautomotive wire harness

Automotive wire harness is the nervous system of automobile.

The functions of automotive wire harness products can be divided into two kinds, one is the power line that carries the power of the actuator, and the other is the signal line that transmits the input instructions of the sensor. The thick wire carrying large current is the power cord, and the thin wire that does not carry the power supply is the signal line. With the change of social demand and the rapid development of science and technology, the function of automobile module is increasing, and electronic technology has been widely used in modern new cars. Electronic control system is closely related to automotive wire harness.

automotive wire harness machineWire harness assembly machine

High configuration automotive wire harness processing equipment

There is such an analogy: the ECU and other control modules of the car are equivalent to the brain of the car, the sensors on the car are equivalent to sensory neurons, the executive elements are equivalent to motor organs, and the wiring harness is nerves and blood vessels. At the same time of the combination of science and technology and automobile multi-function, there are also many contradictions and problems, such as how to arrange the automotive wire harness effectively and reasonably in the limited car space, so that the automotive wire harness can play the greatest role.

complex but necessary harness assembly

complex but necessary harness assembly

Generally speaking, the production of automotive wire harness can be divided into four steps: the first is the open-line crimping process, the second is the pre-assembly process, the third is the final assembly process, and the last is the post-loading process. The opening process needs to be serious and rigorous, its accuracy affects the whole production progress, and the slightest error will affect the production efficiency. Therefore, at present, most wire harness factories use fully automatic opening equipment; crimping process needs to determine crimping parameters and required crimping die according to customer crimping standards and terminal types. As the crimping quality is directly related to the electrical performance, so this station is a key station, need to have crimping operation manual to indicate the special characteristics, and according to the regulations online spot check crimping quality. The prescribed process of forming a feature control chart.

The most important component in harness processingThe most important component in harness processing

The most important component in harness processing

In the process of pre-assembly, the first task is to make the open wire and crimped wire of the plastic parts into KIT according to the process instructions, which is helpful to reduce the investment cost of assembly line equipment, reduce the difficulty of assembly operation, and reduce the number of assembly operators. For the simple automotive wire harness, the pre-assembly can be cancelled directly, while for the complex automotive wire harness, the pre-assembly station is generally set up first; then the final assembly process is carried out, and the pre-installed wire harness is arranged on the final assembly board in an orderly manner according to the process specification. As well as finishing wire harness, bandaging tape, binding carding, installation of rubber parts and other accessories are complete. The final step is the post-assembly process, including mounting brackets, live testing, full-size testing, and bundling and packaging.

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