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How To Prolong Service Life Of Automatic Crimping Machine.
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Automatic crimping machine is a kind of machine used for wire processing, also known as automatic wire stripping and pressing machine, which is a new type of equipment in recent years. And it combination of cable cutting, stripping, crimping end in one of the multi-function machine, what are the common wiring problems of the automatic crimping machine and the methods to prolong the service life? Let's kindly follow the instruction of JMK Editor.

automatic crimping machine

High Speed Cable Processing Automatic Crimping Machine

Common problems of automatic crimping machine.

1. Poor fixation.

In fact, insulators not only play the role of insulation, but also provide very accurate neutralization protection for contact devices. At the same time, it also has the function of installing, positioning and locking and fixing on the device. If the fixation is poor, the light one will affect the instantaneous power outage caused by reliable contact, and the serious one may be the disintegration of the product, because the design is unreliable, the material selection is wrong, and the improper selection of molding process will lead to poor fixation.

2. Poor insulation.

due to some metal excess, surface dust and flux pollution on the surface and interior of the automatic terminal machine insulator of the terminal machine manufacturer, organic material precipitates and harmful gas adsorption films are fused with the surface water film. the formation of ion conductivity co-channel, moisture absorption, mildew, aging insulation materials and other factors, will lead to short circuit, low insulation resistance, leakage, breakdown and other bad insulation phenomena. The main function of the insulator is to keep the contact parts arranged in the correct position and to protect the edge conveyor between the contact parts and the contact parts and between the contact parts and the shell. Therefore, the insulator must have excellent electrical performance, especially with the wide application of high density and small terminal, the effective wall thickness of the insulator is getting thinner and thinner, which puts forward more stringent requirements for the precision and process of the die.

automatic crimping machineautomatic crimping machine

Cable Feeding, Stripping and Terminal Crimping

3. The length of electron cut-off is inconsistent.
The feeding wheel may be too tight or too loose; the principle of adjusting the straightener is that it can be straightened and sent out smoothly. Tangent knife edge wear or edge damaged; replace a new knife.

4. The length of the strip opening is different:
The feeding wheel is pressed too tight or too loose; use the roller to adjust the gap between the two wheels so that the line is flattened or too loose. The cutting tool is cut too shallow or too deep; use the tool depth regulator to adjust the knife edge to the appropriate position, so that the copper wire will not be damaged and the rubber will fall off smoothly. To wear or cut the edge of a knife; replace a new blade.

automatic crimping machine

Automotive Wire Harness with Water-proof Seal

The Method of Prolonging The Service Life of Automatic Crimping Machine.

For the newly purchased automatic crimping machine, if it is a novice operation, the novice is required to understand the safety operation rules to prevent unnecessary losses caused by improper operation. At the same time, the operation of fully automatic crimping machine should also pay attention to safe operation.

If the machine is abnormal in the course of operation, turn off the power first and ask the mechanic to carry out maintenance and debugging in time. Non-designated personnel are forbidden to debug or disassemble the machine parts without authorization. During maintenance and commissioning, the power supply of automatic crimping machine must be turned off to prevent safety problems in the maintenance process.

After use, the operator who cleans the automatic crimping machine must clean the machine every day to remove sundries, dust and excess oil from the machine surface; if the stamping guide of the automatic crimping machine is found to be unlubricated when using the machine, you can add oil lubrication every 1-2 hours. The refueling hole is on the top of the automatic terminal, not too much each time, 2-3 drops is suitable; at the same time, the main speed bearing of the automatic crimping machine must be added with butter every week: the maintenance in this process is very important.

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