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How To Maintain Cable Stripping Machine - JMK
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Cable stripping machine generally refers to the coaxial wire stripping machine. The mechanical equipment used in the coaxial wire stripping machine can be divided into semi-automatic coaxial wire stripping machine and automatic coaxial wire stripping machine. We must pay attention to the maintenance of the coaxial wire stripping machine. Maintenance machine is like human maintenance. If the cable stripping machine is well maintained, it will be very smooth in cable operation, and there will be few inexplicable changes. in order to improve the progress of wire harness processing and improve the profits of enterprises, we must reduce machine damage and prolong the life of cable stripping machines. this is a problem that we, as a workshop mechanic, should consider, so how should it be maintained?

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Maintenance methods of cable stripping machine.

1. The tool holder of the coaxial cable stripping machine is one of the more important parts of the stripping machine.Please use an air gun to blow and wash it hastily to create an unnecessary inexplicable fault.

2. If garbage is found in the knife holder, it is forbidden to use metal hard objects to rudely remove it, and glue stick toothpicks should be used to clear it carefully to ensure that the blade will not be damaged.

3. The head cover of the automatic cable stripping machine, rotary sliding and other parts should be maintained regularly to protect its service life.

Other maintenance points of automatic coaxial cable stripping machine.
1. Before starting the machine each time, check whether the power supply of the machine is securely connected, whether the parameters in the program are consistent with the current processing wire, and so on.

2. If you find the card machine during use, please stop the machine immediately, turn on the power supply again, enter the manual mode to check the position of the card machine and eliminate the hidden trouble.Anyway, we should take good care of the automatic cable stripping terminal machine and maintain it regularly so that the production can be smoother and the service life will be longer.

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