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High Speed Crimping Harness Insertion Machine - JMK
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Harness Insertion Machine is an important category of fully automatic wire harness machine, which is widely used in various wire harness production industries. The intelligent server system is adopted, which has the advantages of flexible operation, easy to use and high work efficiency. It is one of the most popular automation equipment used by the major wire arranging manufacturers.

The automatic harness insertion machine uses a servo motor instead of the traditional frequency conversion motor, and the crimping stroke of the terminal machine can be controlled by setting the number of pulses through the program, so the crimping strength can be set directly in the program. there is no need to adjust the stroke through screws like the traditional terminal machine, so it improves the work efficiency when changing the mold The whole machine contains several sets of servo motors, strong power, high precision, machinable 6mm2 standard equipped with automatic wire feeder, can start and stop synchronously with the machine, cooperate with 4-wheel wire feeding mechanism, greatly improve the accuracy of wire feeding.

harness insertion machinewire harness

Research and development background of automatic wire harness insertion machine.

At present, the terminal crimping technology of wire rod is becoming more and more mature, and the crimping process is simple and easy to realize, but in the existing equipment, due to the limitation of the mechanical structure itself, the crimping pressure will change with the loss of the machine itself, which needs to be adjusted regularly by man. the adjustment work is tedious, and the stable quality of the product can not be guaranteed. In view of the defects of the above existing crimping technology, based on the rich practical experience and professional knowledge in the engineering application of this kind of products for many years, and with the application of theory, the inventor actively studies and innovates in order to create a servo crimping machine to make it practical.

Wire Harness insertion machine comprises a fixed base, a vertical fixed seat, a housing, a crimping mechanism, a servo control system and a man-machine exchange control system. The crimping mechanism is arranged on a fixed base and fixedly connected on a vertical fixed seat. The servo control system is placed on a fixed base and controls the operation of the crimping mechanism, and the man-machine exchange control system is electrically connected with the servo control system. The casing has a square box-shaped structure and its bottom end is fixed with a fixed base, and its rear side is connected with a vertical fixed seat. The crimping mechanism comprises a control mechanism and a pressure port mechanism. A working port for providing a pressure port mechanism is arranged in the lower left corner of the housing, and the pressure port mechanism comprises two vertical fixed plates, a front fixed tool seat, a rear fixed tool seat, an upper slide seat and a lower slide seat.

The two vertical fixing plates are arranged in parallel with each other, one end of the vertical fixing plate is fixed inside the housing, and the other end is arranged at the station port, and the vertical fixing plate is arranged with an external pressure port on one side plate of the station port, the front fixing tool holder is fixed between the two vertical fixing plates, and the upper and lower ends of the vertical fixing plate are fixedly connected with the upper and lower ends of the external pressure port. The upper slide seat and the lower slide seat are arranged horizontally and fixed between two vertical fixing plates, the rear fixed tool holder is slidably connected on the lower slide seat, and the tail end of the rear fixed tool seat is fixedly connected with the control mechanism. the front fixed tool holder and the rear fixed tool holder are provided with a movable crimping tool holder mechanism which can crimp the terminal into polygons.

harness insertion machine

Key points of daily maintenance

1. Daily maintenance of harness machine process skills usually stamping guide rails should be lubricated with oil once in 1-2 hours, and the refueling hole should be on top of the terminal machine. Do not refuel too much each time, and 2-3 drops should be appropriate.
2. The operator must clean the machine every day so that the terminal crimping machine can remove debris, dust and excess oil from the surface of the machine.
3. The main speed bearing of the terminal crimping machine shall be greased weekly: open the rear cover of the terminal machine, "remove the driven pulley clip spring, remove the pulley" and apply butter (evenly applied to the surface of the high-speed bearing).
4. Regularly check whether the intelligent differential pressure transmitter of the air compressor is working to ensure the stability of the air pressure.

terminal insertion machine

Automatic harness insertion machine for wire harness.

1. The welding needle is copper alloy, and the method of connecting the harness insertion machine has the advantages that the welding needle is dirt-free and ensures the long-term reliability of welding.
2. The wire clamp shell is mechanically decoupled from the solder needle, that is, because the wire clamp shell is not connected with the solder needle, the torque when tightening the screw will not be transferred to the solder joint.
3. The end of the welding needle is shortened and thinner, and the harness insertion machine is easy to install.
4. With heat dissipation channel.
5. Tinned solder needle, easy to weld.
6. Large wiring capacity, can be used to all kinds of wiring requirements.
7. The welding needle is quadrangular, and the end is shortened and thinned. When piercing into the welding hole, the terminal crimping machine can prevent random transformation. Melt into the weld hole using solder fluid

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