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How to set up data of automatic crimping machine. - JMK
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The reason why the fully automatic crimping machine is more flexible and convenient is that it can do a lot of parameter settings and adjust each part to adapt to different scenes, so what about the parameters of the automatic crimping machine?

There are still many parameters that can be adjusted by the automatic crimping machine. the following are the main parameters that can be adjusted by the terminal crimping machine. most of the parameters can be set directly on the terminal machine display screen, while some may be adjusted externally. for example, the other is to adjust the air compressor, there is always some complexity in the parameter setting of the fully automatic terminal machine, it is best to check the instructions, and then start to be debugged and trained by the master of the automatic crimping machine manufacturer.

automatic crimping machineautomatic crimping machine

Set up data of automatic crimping machine.

1.According to the specific production of terminal harness settings.

Because different products need different moulds, abnormal wear may occur if the parameters of the corresponding moulds are not set correctly.In fact, one of the reasons for tool wear of automatic crimping machine is the wrong parameter setting.

2. Harness tension parameter setting.

The production of different terminal harnesses will correspond to different pulling forces. There is usually an automatic crimping machine wire tension comparison table. Specific parameters should be set according to this table.

3.Speed parameter setting of automatic crimping machine.

Although everyone wants the efficiency of wire harness production to be as high as possible, it is not possible to adjust it to the maximum. It is necessary to set the corresponding speed parameters according to the actual production situation in order to achieve the most appropriate speed.

4.Air pressure parameter setting.

As the so-called integrated electrical appliances, the automatic crimping machine will also use high-pressure gas, such as the automatic double-head terminal crimping machine will require the use of 0.5Mpa, about 170NL/mIn clean and dry gas. This numerical parameter still needs to be precisely adjusted.

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