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Which wires can automatic crimping machine apply to?
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Automatic crimping machine can not only make electronic wires, but also can be produced in a wide range, from the wire harness used in household appliances to the wire harness used in new energy vehicles, charging lines, mobile phone data lines, various power lines, and so on. Maybe there are some misunderstandings about the fully automatic terminal machine, because in our video, in some other videos on the network, we often see the production of electronic wires. So now, JMK will introduce to what other products a fully automatic crimping machine can do besides making electronic wires.

automatic crimping machineautomatic crimping machine

Which wires can automatic crimping machine apply to?

1. Electronic wire.

The production of electronic wires, crimping terminals, terminals, tin and other functions are very common, and the actual electronic wire can also be subdivided into many types, wire harness size, different terminals, which processes need to be processed, and so on.

2. Power cord.

The production of all kinds of power cords and charging lines is also very similar to wire harness production, except that various standard AC wires can be produced by changing and upgrading the terminal machines that produce electronic wires, such as Polish plugs, Turkish plugs and so on. We also call the equipment here the power line production equipment.

3. Mobile data line.

The use of mobile data lines is still very large, but it is quite different from ordinary electronic lines. This technical term is called mobile data line TYPE-C front-end processor.

4. Customized equipment for wire harness production.

All wire harness production can consider the use of automation equipment, if there is no finished terminal machine, or there is no these special functions on the market to meet the needs of process automation, then the wire harness production equipment can be customized. but often the price of customized equipment will be much higher.

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